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If you are searching for Slamm cylinder clamps, scooter bars or scooters, we have all of this and more. Here at SkateHut, we are thrilled to stock an impressive range of Slamm products for extreme sports enthusiasts that require scooters and accessories that boast performance and style. Our super cool selection of Slamm scooters boast great spec and high quality graphics that are guaranteed to please. When it comes to stunt scooters, we have products to suit every rider. Browse our Slamm scooters, shop online with us today and take advantage of our stress free service.

Slamm Stunt Scooters Direct from SkateHut

With a strong historic journey in the world of scootering and scooter riding, Slamm Scooters consists of a team of experts who are committed to providing you with the best stunt scooters that can withstand the harshest of riding conditions. It designs and manufactures its scooters in-house, which is quite rare in this day and age where extreme sports products can easily be outsourced and off-shored away to keep cost savings low. The reason why Slamm produces its gear in-house is so that its experts can keep an eye on quality and ensure that only the best of the best stunt scooters are being released to their dedicated customer base.

Its scooters also come at affordable prices, so you don’t have to worry about being put off by the fact that Slamm engineers the best stunt scooters, simply because they are released at prices that are accessible to the general public. You’ll be able to get your hands on their kit without looking at it as a hefty investment. 

Slamm Scooters FAQs

  • Are Slamm Scooters suitable for beginners?

    Slamm scooters are an ideal choice for beginners, simply because Slamm understand the needs and requirements of novice scooter riders. They understand that beginners require a scooter that is durable, stable, robust and easy to manoeuvre. These features are exactly what Slamm’s beginner scooter range offers; its features have been specifically designed to contribute towards an easier riding experience, from the scooter deck, all the way to the scooter handlebars and scooter grips. 

    That’s not it all though, its beginner scooter range has been placed on the market at an affordable price, as Slamm understands that beginner scooter riders may not be to keen on spending an absolute fortune on their first model, especially if they aren’t entirely sure about what they are looking for.

  • What sets Slamm Scooters apart from other scooter brands?

    Slamm Scooters separates itself from all of the other scooter brands through its history within the scooter riding market and as a result, its team consists of experienced scooter enthusiasts and riders. This means that, when they all put their heads together, they are able to craft some of the best, high-performance stunt scooters, leading by example with innovation and quality. 

    As mentioned above, the brand priorities in-house design and development so that way, it can keep a close eye on quality to ensure that their scooters are made to the strict standards that they have set. Its beginner scooter range will be thoroughly tested to ensure that they are beginner-friendly for riders who have absolutely no experience in scooter riding. These scooters consist of personalisation options so that novice riders can take their level of comfort even further and really customise their setup to suit their needs, allowing them to change and modify things as their skill levels increase and they progress on their amazing scooter journey.

  • Are Slamm scooters suitable for children and teenagers?

    Yes, absolutely! Slamm scooters prioritses the need to make its scooter range accessible for riders of all ages and builds, and thus, has extended its scooter range to cater for riders of all ages and weights. Some of the brand’s models have been designed to specifically cater to younger riders, both of experienced and novice riders, and others have been made to suit adult riders with, again, both skill levels. 

    Although Slamm’s scooter range prioritises safety above and beyond anything else, the brand has also tailored its scooter range to meet the different style of riding that will come with the various age groups of stunt scooter riders. For younger riders, this means that they will have access to Slamm stunt scooter models that have been specifically designed to develop their skills and to progress within their scooter riding journey as effectively as possible.

  • Can I find replacement parts for my Slamm scooter easily?

    Yes, Slamm understands that wear and tear is all part of stunt scooter riding and as a result, the brand offers a range of stunt scooter parts that can be used to not only replace worn-out parts but to also improve your scooter riding experience and increase the performance of your setup as a whole. This range consists of scooter decks, scooter handle bars, scooter wheels, scooter forks, scooter grips, scooter grip tape and much more. Slamm has everything you need and you will have access to this broad range of high quality parts on the SkateHut website.

  • What’s the design philosophy behind stunt scooters?

    At the core of Slamm Scooters’ design philosophy is a mission to provide scooter riders of all ages and skill levels with a scooter range that not only excels in performance and caters to a range of skill levels, but they need to look epic too. Slamm is a dynamic brand and it wants its range to reflect this, so a lot of its scooters consist of a dynamic and edgy look too. Many of its styles feature a mix of form and function, and its models have been produced using state-of-the-art technology by a team of pros, expert riders, engineers and scooter enthusiasts. 

    Slamm also knows how important individuality is and it is for this reason that its range gives off an amazing selection of scooters that suit an extremely wide range of tastes and preferences when it comes to aesthetics.