Are you looking for comfortable and supportive skate shoes? And want trainers that have been designed for endurance and performance? Look no further than our New Balance footwear collection. A range of skating shoes created for use both on and off your board, New Balance craft footwear that is designed to help the wearer reach new athletic heights, no matter if you’re a novice or a pro. That’s why each pair of New Balance trainers use innovative technology to provide shock protection, comfort and cushioning through breathable fabrics, as well as high-quality soles for superior grip. They’re also stylish and available in a choice of colours including classic black, cool cherry and bold blue. What’s more, we stock your favourite ranges, such as New Balance Numeric Trainers and Stratford Skate Shoes, so you can find your perfect pair in our online store. At Skatehut, we know having the right footwear can help you up your game. Take a look at our selection and order your new favourite skate shoes today.

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