To make an entrance at the skate park, you need some protective gear with attitude. Well, Harsh Protective Gear has everything you need, including padsets, knee pads, helmets and wrist guards, with a side order of individuality and confidence. Their gear is stylish, but they’re more than just a pretty face – in terms of technology and construction, Harsh Protective Gear stands heads and shoulders above the rest. Their bold, eye-catching helmets feature overmold technology, which is super light and low profile, protecting all the most vulnerable parts of your head. Their elbow and knee pads are tough and impact-resistant, offering you support and protection where it counts, whilst remaining flexible and lightweight. Take a look at our full collection of Harsh Protective Gear for sale here at Skatehut. They cater to any skill level and all ages, with junior sizes available and gear designed specifically for any budding action sports stars.

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