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Ripcare Shoe Repair Glue - Clear



  • 60ml Tube - Transparent Glue
  • Shoe Repair & Protective Coating
  • Reinforces Highly Stressed Areas & Also Fixes Them
  • Water-Repellent & Elastic Formula
  • For Skateboarders by Skateboarders
  • Usable for Leather, Rubber, Vinyl, Canvas & Other Materials Used in Shoes
  • Vegan Friendly

Ripcare's shoe repair glue is an essential for any skater. Shredding hard and mastering those flips comes at a cost, and that's usually your shoes. Busting your trainers is nothing new but now you can get back on it and start ripping the park and not your footwear with this Ripcare Shoe Glue.

This transparant glue works on most materials used in shoe manufacture and is also flexible and water repellent. Perfect for pre-emptive reinforcement of those high stress areas or patching up your kicks so you keep on going.