Spring is here, the days are getting warmer and heat waves have been predicted in the midst of summer! Whether you are planning to hit the beach in the UK on a blazing hot day or are planning a beach holiday abroad, make your time in the sun much more fun by getting your hands on a top-quality bodyboard. There’s no better way to really make the most of the sun, sand and sea than by getting stuck in and riding the waves.

Bodyboarding is an exhilarating water sport that combines the thrill of riding waves with simplicity and accessability of a bodyboard. If you are looking to hit the beach and start this new amazing hobby, you are in luck. We’ve written up a buying guide consisting of what you will need to consider when picking your very first body board:

- Selecting the correct size

- Considering the construction and design

- Terms to be aware of

- Comparing the best brands on the market

- Answers to the most common frequently asked questions

- Anything else you will need to consider when buying a body board


Generally, you will want to make sure that your bodyboard reaches your belly button when stood upright on the ground. It is important to note that if your board is too short, your legs will be plunging into the water behind you which can cause you to slow down and lose momentum, along with lacking the ability to float sufficiently. Smaller bodyboards may also be prone to sinking. However, if a bodyboard is too large, you may struggle to maintain control and manoeuvre efficiently.

Another indication as to whether a bodyboard is a good fit is if you can comfortably carry it under your arm. If you're a child and are growing quite quickly, you might want to consider buying a Bodyboard UK which is slightly larger than one that is required for your height at the time of purchase.

We have also included a size guide below to help you choose the best bodyboard for you, whether you are a kid or an adult:

33" bodyboards - suitable for kids and riders up to 147cm (4' 9") in height and weighing up to 50kg.

37" bodyboards - suitable for kids and adults from 123cm to 158cm in height (4' - 5' 2") and weighing 25kg to 52kg. Check out our 37” Gotcha Skinny Mike Bodyboard in Green.

41" bodyboards - suitable for adults from 160cm to 176cm in height (5' 3" - 5' 9") and weighing 55kg to 80kg. Check out our Saltrock Skullduggery 41" Bodyboard.

45" bodyboards - suitable for adults and very tall riders from 193cm to 198cm in height (6' 4" - 6' 6") and weighing up to 115kg.


Your riding style will depend on the size of the bodyboard which you purchase too. If you plan to bellyboard the smaller, calmer waves in whitewater then you can benefit from one that is larger, i.e. stands slightly taller than your belly button when upright. If your build is one that is slightly larger, then you may want to go with one that is slightly wider in width too. If, however, you plan to hit the big, harsh, more aggressive waves, further out in the deep water, you will want to go for a smaller bodyboard that will allow you to maintain control as the heavy waves come through.


Although you may be tempted to buy the most stylish bodyboard on the market (and rightly so!) you will want to make sure that the construction of the board is suitable for you. You will want to ensure that the length and width is suitable for your build (as mentioned above) as well as ensuring that it is within your price range and has been constructed to last, looking out for strong cores as well as the ability to absorb shock and keep water out, for example.

If you mainly ride in cold water, then you might want to consider a softer core to allow for a softer core which allows for greater flexibility. However, you won’t want to use a softer core for warmer waters, your board may end up being too flexible.




Here are some of the key terms you'll want to be aware of:

Deck – The deck, as the name suggests is the flat part of the surface that you lie flat on. 

Nose – You can find the nose at the top of the board, where you take hold of. 

Tail – The tail can be found at the opposite end of the nose. The shape of the tail generally dictates how the board moves as they waves roll in. 

Rails – I.e. the sides of the board. 

Channels – The channels are grooves that have been cut into the slick bottom that channel the water for enhanced control and motion. 

Stringer – The stringer is a straight rod inserted into the board's core to maintain stiffness. It also increases the bodyboard’s lifespan and robustness as a whole.

Now that you are equipt with the key considerations to buying your first bodyboard, have a browse of our range here and find the perfect one for you!



Saltrock Creeper 37" Bodyboard - Turquoise

Saltrock is a well-established and highly regarded brand in the world of bodyboarding, known for producing the best bodyboards that cater to the needs of riders at all skill levels. As a brand, Saltrock are committed to delivering high-quality boards that have been meticulously crafted using premium materials, ensuring durability and longevity. With strong attention to detail and excellent construction, Saltrock bodyboards have been built to withstand the demands of challenging wave conditions.

The brand continuously strived to innovate and improve their bodyboards, incorporating advanced technologies and design features that enhance performance and maximise control on the waves. These boards are designed to optimise speed, maneuverability and stability. Their range caters to a diverse variety of riding styles and preferences too. Whether you're a beginner looking for a stable board to learn the basics or an experienced rider seeking a high-performance model, Saltrock has options for every skill level. Their range includes different sizes, shapes and features, allowing riders to find the perfect fit for their needs. 

Saltrock has built a solid reputation within the bodyboarding community. Their commitment to quality, innovation and rider satisfaction has earned them the trust of riders worldwide. Many bodyboarding enthusiasts choose Saltrock as their go-to brand, knowing they can rely on the brand's expertise and dedication to providing top-notch boards.

When considering a bodyboard, Saltrock is undoubtedly a brand worth considering. Their commitment to quality, innovation and rider satisfaction sets them apart, making their bodyboards a great choice for bodyboarding enthusiasts seeking a reliable and high-performing board. 


Gotcha is a reputable brand that has made a significant impact in the world of bodyboarding, offering a wide variety of high-quality bodyboards that have garnered respect from riders of all levels. Their bodyboards have a track record of delivering outstanding performance. The brand has been endorsed by professional riders who have achieved remarkable feats using Gotcha boards. Their commitment to performance ensures that riders can trust the board's capabilities and push their own limits in the water. Gotcha also pays close attention to the ergonomic design of their bodyboards. They consider factors such as body positioning, weight distribution and comfort to create boards that allow riders to maintain optimal control and maneauvrability. This focus on ergonomics enhances the overall riding experience and reduces fatigue during extended sessions. 

Their boards have also been tailored to specific conditions. Gotcha recognises that wave conditions vary across different locations and seasons. They offer specialised bodyboards designed for specific conditions, such as small waves or heavier surf. This tailored approach enables riders to choose a board that is optimised for the conditions they typically encounter, maximising their performance and enjoyment.

On top of that, Gotcha actively supports and promotes the bodyboarding community. They sponsor events, athletes and initiatives that help grow and develop the sport. By purchasing a Gotcha bodyboard, riders contribute to a brand that invests in the bodyboarding community, supporting its growth and creating opportunities for aspiring riders. 


Gotcha Bodyboard - Blue 37"



    Bodyboards are smaller and typically made of foam, designed for riding waves in a prone position. Surfboards are longer, made of fibreglass or epoxy and are used for standing up while riding waves. Bodyboards offer greater maneauverability and are ideal for riders who prefer riding closer to the wave's curl.

    Bodyboard size depends on your height, weight and skill level. As a general guideline, beginners should sekect a bodyboard that reaches their belly button while standing. Intermediate and advanced riders may prefer a slightly shorter board for increased maneuvrability. It's essential to consider your body proportions and seek advice from experienced riders or consult a size chart provided by the manufacturer.

    Yes, fins can enhance your bodyboarding experience. They provide additional propulsion and maneuvrability, allowing you to catch waves more efficiently and control your board with greater ease. Fins also provide added safety and help prevent leg cramps. Look for bodyboarding-specific fins that fit comfortably and securely.

    Yes, bodyboarding is a great water sport for children. There are bodyboards available specifically designed for kids, offering appropriate sizes, softer edges and increased buoyancy. 

    To keep your bodyboard in good condition, rinse it with fresh water after each use to remove salt and sand. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight for extended periods to prevent heat damage. Store it in a cool, dry place and periodically check for any dings or delamination. Waxing the board's bottom can improve grip and performance.




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