Get your skates ready, lace them up up and prepare to roll into the exciting world of inline skating. Regardless of if you are a seasoned pro looking to upgrade your kit or a brand new beginner who is eager to take your first glide, choosing the right pair of inline skates is of top priority. With a load of options out there, each designed for individual styles of skating, it can be a tough task to nail.

Fear not, our helpful inline skates buying guide will be your very own roadmap to getting your hands on the perfect pair of wheels that will cater to your unique needs and aspirations on the pavement. From busy city streets to scenic park trails, inline skating is an exciting way to explore your surroundings while getting a solid workout in.

Within this guide, we will talk about the key things that you will need to think about when choosing your inline skates. We'll give you insights into proper sizing, the safety gear you will need, and tips to maintain your inline skates to ensure that your skating journey is not only enjoyable but is safe too. When purchasing inline skates, you need to be aware of the following, which we will cover within this buying guide:

- Considering the size of your inline skates

- Features to consider

- Comparing the best brands on the market

- Answers to the most common frequently asked questions

- Anything else you will need to consider when buying a stunt scooter

Impala Lightspeed Inline Skates - Barbie Bright Yellow

Skatelife Aztec Inline Skates - Black/Silver


Selecting the correct size for your inline skates is the first most important step with regards to your skating experience, safety, and overall performance. Here's why:

Comfort and Fit: This one goes without saying, but inline skates that fit poorly can lead to discomfort, blisters and sore feet. Choosing the right size will allow for a snug and comfortable fit that allows you to roll along for much longer, comfortably without having to be put off by discomfort or pain which won't do you any good.

Control and Stability: Skates that fit properly will. of course, give you better control and will ensure your experience is more of a stable one. When your feet are securely fitted inside the boot, you can move and therefore skate with confidence, ensuring your safety, whilst also helping you improve your technique faster.

Performance: Skating is all about balance and control. If your skates are too big, you'll struggle to keep your balance, which can cause you problem to execute tricks, skate faster or even skate in general! On the other hand, if they're too tight, you might lose agility and flexibility.

Safety: Inline skates that fit poorly can cause accidents. Loose skates can lead to ankle sprains and trips, whereas overly tight skates can leave you feeling numb and can cause cramps.

Efficiency: Properly sized skates get the best out of your energy transfer to the wheels, maximising efficiency when it comes to those long stride movements. This will allow you to cover the same or more distance with greater speed too.

Preventing Growth Issues: For growing children and teenagers, choosing the right size is crucial to prevent problems, discomfort or even injury as they grow. 

Skating Style: You will need to consider your style of skating, for example, aggressive, speed and fitness when choosing skates, as certain inline skates require different levels of ankle support and fit depending on how you skate. 



Safety gear is of upmost important when it comes to skating and especially inline skating and it should never be overlooked or underestimated. Whether you're a beginner taking your first strides or an experienced skater pushing the limits of speed and skill, the right safety gear is essential to protect yourself from potential accidents and injuries. The most crucial piece of safety gear is a properly fitting helmet. It safeguards that dome of yours from the impact of dangerous falls or collisions. Always choose a certified helmet designed for roller sports. Ensure it fits snugly and comfortably and fastens securely under your chin. Your hands usually will be the first touch the ground in a fall. Wrist guards provide wrist support and protect against sprains, fractures, and abrasions.

Look for guards with reinforced splints for added protection. Knee and elbow pads shield your joints from impacts and scrapes. Falling on your knees or elbows without protection can result in painful bruises or even fractures in more serious cases. Quality knee and elbow pads are equipped with padding and hard caps to absorb shocks. While not always considered essential, gloves can provide extra protection for your hands in case of a fall. They also offer a firm grip on your skate poles and will help shield your hands from abrasions if you need to brace yourself during a fall. For those engaging in aggressive or high-speed skating, a mouthguard can help protect your teeth and jaw in the event of an accident. 

Core Street Helmet - Black/Red


Rollerblade RB Cruiser - Black/Neon Yellow


Weight is a crucial factor to contemplate when selecting your inline skates, particularly if you intend to use them for extended periods or engage in speed skating where weight plays a pivotal role in performance. The weight of your skates can directly influence your overall comfort, stamina, and maneuverability on the road. Lighter skates are generally favored for longer journeys or endurance skating as they reduce fatigue and enable you to maintain speed more effortlessly.

In the realm of inline skating, where diverse styles and techniques abound, the weight of your skates becomes a nuanced consideration that intimately connects with your skating goals and preferences. In particular, for those venturing into aggressive skating styles, such as street, park, or vert skating, a slightly heavier skate can be advantageous.

Heavier skates can offer added stability and control when executing intricate tricks, jumps, and grinds. The additional weight helps skaters maintain balance during high-impact landings and provides a solid platform for grinding on rails or ledges. This stability is paramount for maintaining precise control over your movements, which is fundamental to mastering these acrobatic maneuvers.

Ultimately, the weight of your skates is a nuanced consideration that aligns with your specific skating style and objectives, impacting your enjoyment and ease of skating, particularly during more demanding activities or extended excursions.




Price and budget are critical considerations when shopping for inline skates, as they come in a wide range of price points. It's essential that you set yourself a budget that aligns with your needs, expectations, and your commitment to the sport. While budget-friendly options exist, you will want to remember that investing in quality skates often leads to a better overall experience.

Skates on the lower end of the price spectrum may lack some features, durability, or performance capabilities found in pricier models. They can still be suitable for recreational skating, but if you plan to engage in more intensive or specialized skating styles, consider allocating a higher budget.

Quality skates, though more pricier, typically offer better construction, materials, and components that enhance your comfort, control, and overall performance. They're designed to withstand the rigours of different skating disciplines, allowing top-notch support, and improved maneuverability, making them a decent long-term investment that will serve you will.

All in all though, your budget should reflect your commitment to inline skating. If you're just starting and want to test the waters, an entry-level pair might be suitable. Having said that, if you're passionate about the sport or anticipate regular use, consider stretching your budget to access skates that will elevate your experience.

Remember that the right pair of skates can significantly impact your enjoyment and progression in inline skating, so finding the right balance between cost and quality is key.

Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Fitness Skates - Glacier Grey/Coral


Roller Derby Aerio Q-60 Semi Soft Inline Roller Skates - Grey/Lilac


Adjustability is an important factor to consider as it will increase your level of comfort and will therefore, enhance your skating experience and performance. 

Frame Length Adjustment: Many advanced inline skates give you the option to adjust the frame length. This will allow you to adapt to a range of skating styles and preferences. Shorter frames allow more maneuvrability, making them well-suited for tricks and aggressive skating. Longer frames, on the other hand, offer stability and speed, making them a good shout for long distant skating.

Progression and Versatility: Adjustable skates are especially ideal for beginners. As skaters improve over time, they can make adjustments to their skates to suit their needs rather than buying a new pair on a regular basis to acommodate to this.

Cuff Height Adjustment: The cuff height, which refers to the height of the supportive structure around the ankle, is another adjustable feature in some inline skates. Higher cuffs offer increased ankle support, which can be beneficial for beginners or those looking for added stability. Lower cuffs provide greater freedom of movement and are favored by experienced skaters seeking agility and flexibility.

Customisation: Adjustability will allow skaters to experiment with different frame lengths and cuff heights to really get to know what sort of adjustments they need to achieve their inline skating goals.


Rollerblade RB Cruiser W - Black/Aqua

Rollerblade has established itself as one of the premier brands in the world of inline skating, and its reputation is firmly rooted in its unwavering commitment to a powerful brand mission. When you think of inline skating, Rollerblade's mission, "TO INSPIRE PEOPLE TO MOVE FREELY ON WHEELS," distills the brand's essence and reason for being, embodying its core values and aspirations.

TO INSPIRE is a statement that encompasses Rollerblade's commitment dedication to motivating people to skate in various exciting and innovative ways. Rollerblade is all about helping its all of its skaters achieve excitement and to help them to challenge themselves and push on for greatness. It is also all about extending out the invite to new skaters to join the Rollerblade movement, whether they be experience or new to the sport. 

PEOPLE signifies inclusivity, in the sense of shouting about its belief that skating is a sport for everyone, no matter who you are. The rollerblade audience is as diverse as the sport of inline skating itself, embracing people of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels with open arms and enthusiasm. Rollerblade aims to create a global skating community whereby people from all walks of life come together to enjoy inline skating as a hobby and lifestyle. 

TO MOVE FREELY captures the essence of the skating experience. It evokes the graceful, fluid nature of skating, emphasizing the unique joy of propelling oneself with ease, on one's own terms, and in one's distinct style. Rollerblade celebrates the unparalleled sensation of gliding effortlessly, making each skating journey a personal and deeply satisfying one.

ON WHEELS grounds Rollerblade's mission in the sport itself. It underscores the brand's core commitment to inline skating, reminding us that Rollerblade is synonymous with quality and innovation in the world of wheeled sports.


SFR is a key brand within the world of inline skates for many different reasons. The brand is committed to craftmanship, creativity and making inline skating accessable to everyone. 

With regards to its commitment to quality craftmanship, this is evident through SFR's entire product range. Functionality and durability is at the core of its inline skates range. This allows skaters of all skill levels to advance and improve their skills, regardless of if they are beginners or more on the experienced side of things. 

When it comes to creativity and innovation, SFR as a brand thinks outside the box, setting the trend in new styles and designs whilst maximising functionality and performance at the same time. It utilises the best materials on the market along with cutting edge technology to give its customers a smooth, comfortable and enjoyable experience. Its style of skates truly is diverse, catering to all preferences.  

In essence, SFR's unique blend of quality, innovation, style, and inclusivity makes it a brand that consistently delivers a fantastic inline skating experience. When you choose SFR, you're not just buying a pair of skates; you're investing in a lifestyle that celebrates the joy of skating in all its forms.


SFR Plasma Adjustable Inline Skates - Black/Green

Skatelife Motion Adjustable Inline Skates - Black/Blue

Skatelife is a market-leading brand in the sport of inline skating. The brand is renowned for its product excellence, but it doesn't end there. The organisation is made up of like-minded individuals that have a true love for inline skating, committed to the cause, truly embodying the name Skatelife in their daily lives. Its product range aren't just a pair of skates, but they are a gateway for skaters to an active, exciting and vibrant lifestyle. 

In terms of product innovation, Skatelife doesn't merely follow trends; they set them. Their skates blend cutting-edge technology with artistic flair, resulting in products that not only perform exceptionally but also turn heads with their unique aesthetics. Skatelife understands that skating is an art form, and their skates are canvases for self-expression.

Skatelife places a strong emphasis on sustainability. They're committed to reducing their environmental footprint by using eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing processes wherever possible, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the beauty of skating in a thriving world.

Ultimately, when you choose Skatelife, you're not just buying inline skates; you're investing in a vibrant skating community, a commitment to sustainability, and a celebration of skating as both a sport and a way of life. Skatelife stands as an embodiment of the enduring spirit and culture of inline skating.



    Wheel size will affect your speed and your ability to move. Larger wheels tend to allow skaters to hit higher speeds whilst smaller wheels provide you with more flexibility and maneuverability. Durometer, on the other hand, is related to a wheel's hardness. Soft wheels allow for a smoother ride on rough terrain and surfaces. 

    You will want to check for loose bolts, cleaning wheels and bearings, particularly looking out for any sort of wear and tear. If you do start to notice a significant amount of wear and tear, you will want to consider replacing these parts. Also, be sure to keep your bearings lubricated for a smooth, safe skating experience. 

    Yes, you can replace your wheels and bearings to either maximise performance or to replace worn out parts. Just be sure that any parts that you choose to fit are compatible with your own inline skates. 

    Beginners can have a go at practicing the heel brake, which is usually found on one of the skates. You'll want to gradually apply pressure and weight on the brake with your back foot, but maintaining your balance at the same time so that you don't fall. 

    Inline skates are a great way to commute, especially for short and to medium distances. You'll want to choose skates with larger wheels for a smoother ride, along with decent ankle support for a comfortable commute.




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