If you're looking for a new set of skateboard trucks, you're in the right place. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced skater, ensuring that you select the right skateboard trucks can be an absolute gamechanger to your performance and how your skateboard handles trickier manouevers and movements. But with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That's why we've put together this comprehensive skateboard trucks buying guide to help you make the right decision as to choosing a set that suits your needs.

In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about buying skateboard trucks. This guide has been published with the purpose of helping you making an informed decision and educating you a little more on the beauty of skateboard trucks and what the right set can do for you. We'll also give you some tips on how to choose the set; discussing the things you need to think about and consider.

Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly option or a high-end pro scooter, we've got you sorted. When purchasing a stunt scooter, you need to be aware of the following, which we will cover within this buying guide:

- Considering the size of the skateboard trucks

- Features to consider

- Comparing the best brands on the market

- Answers to the most common frequently asked questions

- Anything else you will need to consider when buying a skateboard trucks

Fracture Wings V2 Skateboard Trucks - Black 5.25''


Choosing the right size skateboard trucks is essential. Ensuring you have the right size skateboard trucks is easy enough, firstly you need to know the exact size of your skateboard deck and then, you will need to know the exact size of your trucks that you are planning to purchase (you can measure the width if needed). The width of the trucks you fit onto your skateboard will need to be sufficient enough to accomodate to the width of your skateboard deck. 

If you adhere to the following guidelines, you should be good to go:

- 5.0" = Ideal for 7.4-7.75" decks

- 5.25" = Ideal for 7.8-8.25" decks

- 5.5 = Ideal for 8.25-8.5" decks

Our Rampage skateboard trucks cover a wide range of skateboard deck sizes and requirements. 



The size of the deck should be proportional to the rider's height and shoe size.


When thinking about low, mid and high skateboard trucks, it's all in the name and is fairly self explanatory once you get the gist of it. Low trucks offer a lower profile, and what mean by this is that they have been built to sit closer to the ground. This lower profile means that a lower centre of gravity is offered by this style of trucks, allowing enhanced stability for skaters.

High trucks, as you'd probably guess, offer a higher profile, which gives more clearance between the deck and wheels. This tends to be a popular choice amongst downhill skaters and longboard riders. 

Mid trucks offer a balanced compromise between the two, offering a good mix between versatility and manouevrability. These trucks are popular amongst street and street skaters due to getting the balance between these things just right. 

Krux K5 DLK Skateboard Trucks - Polished 9''


High Skateboard Trucks


Standard kingpin trucks are the standard, usual go-to set-up when it comes to skateboard trucks. It means that the kingpin faces towards the centre of the board; this is the traditional design when we think of old school skateboarding and skateboard trucks. These trucks are known for stability, making them a good choice for cruising and downhill riding. As you take on that steep surface and feel the speed pick up, you will thank the balance offered as you razz through the wind. It's also especially good if you know you will be skating and transitioning between different types of terrain. No matter which type of surface you take on, the standard kingpin trucks will maintain your balance and stability. 

Inverted kingpin have the kingpin facing outwards, thus, invert to the standard kingpin trucks. This has the opposite effect to standard kingpin trucks. Instead, inverted allow for more manouevrability and responsiveness. This means that, if you take your skateboard to even the busiest of streets, you can be sure that the inverted kingpins will allow you to make those sharp movements. Coupled with the right skateboard wheels and skateboard deck, you can customise your skateboard to be an agile monster. 

All in all, the choice between whether you go for standard kingpin trucks or inverted kingpin trucks depends on your skating style and goals. Your riding style will not only determine the style of trucks you get, but it will influence all of the other skateboard parts you choose too. You will want to ensure the style of trucks you decide are compatible with all of the other parts your setup consists of. Remember, when it comes to customisation, consistency is key.


Skateboard bushings play a crucial role in the performance and maneouvrability of skateboard trucks. They are located in the kingpin, acting as a cushion, if you like, between the trucks components and this contributes heavily towards smooth turning and maintaining the stability when you ride your skateboard. When a skater shifts their weight, the bushings compress and flexes to give an adequate pivot. 

It's worth noting that the durometer or hardness of the bushings has a direct effect on the resistance or turning. With this in mind, it makes sense that riders have all sorts of pregerences when it comes to turning resistane and the feel of their trucks. At SkateHut, our skateboard bushings are available in a wide range of durometers, allowing our customers to create a unique complete setup where they can cater to their weight, riding style and preferred skating style, which may depend on the terrain they skate on or the nature of how they skate in general. 

If you choose your skateboard bushings correctly, you can reduce the risk of wheelbite. When it comes to preventing wheelbite, softer bushings cater for deeper turns whereas harder bushings act as more suitable for larger wheels.

You'll also want to note that bushings, like any other component on your skateboard, requires regular inspection and maintenance. As they wear down over time, they become less effective and in extreme cases, can be quite dangerous. Be sure to clean them regularly and to remove any dust, dirt or debris that accumulates. 

Independent Cylinder Skateboard Bushings - Medium 90a


Rampage Rasp Skateboard Trucks - Gold 5.25''

Rampage places a strong emphasis on precision manufacturing in the production of their components and their skateboard trucks are no exception. They have been built with a focus on durability and strength, meaning that they can handle whatever is thrown at them. Although robustness is a key feature when it comes to their trucks, they are also incredibly lightweight and this is thanks to the advanced design of these components. This means that, not only will your trucks endure rough and tough skating, but they will also allow for you to skate in an agile way, with much more ease and finesse to your movements. 

The skateboard trucks offered by Rampage are also an affordable option and are prices quite competitively, so you can get your hands on good quality kit without breaking the bank. All in all, Rampage is a brand that is renowned for skateboarding excellence and reliable skateboards and skateboard components. 


Fracture's skateboard trucks are manufactured with all sorts of creative designs to enhance skating performance. This includes unique geometry, precision shaping and different types of features that take the functionality of your trucks to another level altogether. Fracture makes a conscious effort to maintain this innovative approach, to keep things fresh and maintain their position as one of the market leading brands when it comes to offering trucks that are unlike anything else on the market. 

The brand also provides customisation options so that you can fine-tune your setup depending on what it is you want to get out of your skating experience, catering to your riding style and goals.

Fracture Wings V2 Skateboard Trucks - Red 5.5''

Independent Stage 11 TFunk Skateboard Trucks - Black 139mm

Independent skatbeoard trucks are usually crafted with a forged baseplate construction. The baseplates are constructed under immense pressure which means that the foundation of the trucks are more durable and stronger. They have been designed to allow for adequate precision turning, whereby the carefully engineered angles and dimensions on the setup allows for precise and accurate turning so that you can dodge obstacles with confidence. 

The brand's bushing shapes have been designed for top-notch movement and stability. If you want control, then Independent's trucks will give you just that. The design of the brand's trucks, similarly to the design of its skateboards, are trendy, sleek and. It offers the perfect mix between aesthetics and functionality, something that all skates strive for when they shop for skateboard parts and accessories. 




    As a rule of thumb, if your movement is limited or restricted, that is a sign that your trucks are too tight. If turning feels challenging, or if your kingpin nut feels overly tight, it might suggest that the trucks need loosening. Experiencing wheel bite, where the wheels touch the decks, along with experiencing only one set of wheels lifting off the ground during turns indicates that the trucks are too right. Having trucks that are too loose has the opposite effect, so if you notice that the trucks are overly responsive when you turn, it most likely means that you need to tighten your trucks. Loose trucks can be dangerous, as it hinders stability and can cause dangerious falls and accidents if not fixed.

    Skateboard trucks, along with skateboard parts and accessories in general, offer standardised dimensions. This means that a range of brands, components and parts from different brands can fit each other well without any issue. This broadens the horizon when it comes to the ability to customise your setup, but it also ensures that all products reach a high quality standard that is set across the board. 

    Yes, there are several types of trucks that have been designed for beginners only. Trucks with standard geometry tend to provide a balanced and stable feel, something that all beginners crave for. That extra stability goes a long way as newbies slowly gain confidence in their skating journey. This is complemented by lower trucks, which, due to the lower centre of gravity, offers even more stability and, as mentioned above, is the preferred choice for predictable skating and as a beginner, you will most likely prefer the idea of predictable skating to begin with.

    Experienced skaters tend to go for trucks that have been manufactured from the highest quality materials, as these offer high-end robustness and strength. They also tend to go for profiles that are lighter weight, so that they can really get into nailing those hot tricks with ease and comfort. Due to these two required features, pro riders tend to spend more on their trucks than a beginner would.


SkateHut offers a range of skateboard trucks from market-leading brands and caters to all rider styles and abilities. Get your hands on the hottest skateboard parts right now and create your dream setup. 




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