• KROM BL Ken Shape
  • Skinny Spike, Wide Tama Bevel & Large Cups
  • KROM Scope Is The Perfect Line For Tracking The Hole
  • KROM Unique Rubber Clear Coat
  • Naked Look Brings A Natty Aesthetic With The Playability Of Paint
  • Black String To Flex On Your Friends
  • Design By Thorkild May & The KROM Gang
  • A Grade Beech Wood
Get the beautiful look of an almost natty tama with the excellent playability of the well-known and loved POP. The way the rubber coat interacts with the wood directly is amazing, giving this POP a leg up on the other variants.
This specific kendama has quickly become one of the favorites of the team and we're stoked to share it with all kromies all over the world.
Premium Quality: The Kendama toy is made from high-quality A-grade beech wood that is designed to withstand rigorous and frequent use. The flexible no-tangle string of the Kendama Pop provides easy and convenient playing.
Comfortable Build: The Kendama Pop model has a perfectly smooth texture with flawless balance, made to let you have a perfect experience. The spike design of the perfectly balanced ball string game enables it to be used by both the left and right hands.
Healthy Benefits: The Kendama ball game enhances your reaction ability, improves reflexes, balance, and creativity, and also builds hand-eye co-ordination. This Japanese made Kendama toy is not, just, a toy but a healthy way to deal with the cognitive problems and help clear your mind.
Traditional Toy: Originating somewhere during the early 18th century, this Kendama classic toy is the product of Japanese art. Players are experts in doing various tricks with this Kendama for kids and adults and can become a popular master of Kendama arts.
For Everyone: This high-quality and perfectly designed Kendama string toy is appropriate for people of all skill levels. Whether you are a learning beginner or a skilled expert, this Kendama string pack is just the right size.