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[Used] Indo Pro Trampoline Scooter

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Please Note: This item is pre-loved and shows some cosmetic signs of use, but is still in serviceable condition.


  • More control for pro riders.
  • Total Weight Increased to 1.4kgs to still be light enough to practice tricks but heavy enough to feel more like a normal stunt scooter
  • Deck Size Increase to suit real-life scooter decks and bigger setups
  • Larger Heavier, durable and stiffer deck, making it easier to catch tricks mid-air, combined with improved rider trick stability
  • Bar Height and Width Increased to suit real-life scooter bars and bigger setups, suited for the pro/advanced rider or taller riders
  • Revolutionary new Headset and compression system for the worlds fastest and smoothest headset, to enable maximum ability to land tricks
  • The durability of the Deck Increased
  • New High-Quality PU Handgrips, much like pro-level rider stunt scooter grips
  • Electric Blue and Gold Details in the finish
Indo wanted to increase the total weight of the product to increase control over the tricks, but at the same time, did not want to lose the INDO’s identity of being a super lightweight and safe product to perform and train your dream tricks anywhere. The total weight of the product is increased up to 1,4kg and now the Centre Of Gravity (COG) is lower and more at the back of the scooter (X70 models are 0,9kg).
Handlebar and Deck:
74cm high and 54cm wide handlebar is attached to the larger, heavier, and stiffer PRO Deck with the INDO Compression system, making bars spins, buttercups and mid-air catches even easier than they were with the INDO X70 series. 
INDO Compression system:
Since the beginning, it was clear to us that INDO Compression System needs to be the fastest on the planet. To maximize the speed, we selected fast MO-P003 headset bearings for the fast and flawless rotation.
With the correct material selections, we managed to add a bit of NO GRAVITY on the INDO CS. Aircraft-grade anodized aluminum axle and durable/light fiber composite headset body ensure that the INDO CS is as light as possible.
Hand grips:
Compared to the X70 model, the handgrips have changed. Soft and comfortable handgrips finalize the product.
Indo Pro is a perfect tool for more advanced riders to train and exercise tricks on any size of a trampoline or indoor surface. Compared to the X70 models (INDO 670 and INDO 570) Indo Pro offers more control over the tricks due to ultra-fast INDO Compression System, better weight distribution, and increased size and weight.
- [Used]