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Spinera SUP & Kayak Paddle - Classic -230-330cm



  • 4 Part Multi-Use Paddle
  • Aluminum Shaft 1.2mm Thick
  • Reinforced Nylon Blades
  • Adjustable Length: 86.6" - 129.9" (230-330cm)
  • Easy To Dismantled & Easy To Store
  • Great Value SUP and Kayak Paddle
  • Max Length: Approx 330cm
The Spinera Classic SUP & Kayak paddle can be adjusted in length thanks to its design and comes with two blade attachments. It is therefore a versatile paddle that is suited for all body sizes.
Thanks to the highest quality manufacturing processes and the best processed materials, the Spinera Classic SUP & Kayak paddle is an indispensable companion on SUP or Kayak paddle tours.