SkateMate Ice Skate Sharpener



  • Hand-held Skate Sharpener
  • Quick and easy to use - Simply slide along runner
  • Immediately adjustable to fit all skate blade widths and hollows
  • SkateMate has a patented flexible 120 grade abrasive sharpening cylinder that sharpens with respect to the runner's radius
  • The special ceramic-embedded abrasive used in SkateMate's cylinders is the second-hardest material on the face of the earth. Only pure diamond is harder. Internal Teflon Glide Strips - Provide for a smooth sliding action up and down the blade
  • External Deburring Strips - For a professional job, after sharpening, deburr sidewalls in few more strokes

The Skatemate prolongs a skate's sharpness - SkateMate does not wastefully grind off your blades, it merely removes small nicks and hones your existing edges to ultimate sharpness (and often better than any grinding wheel). The Skatemate has been the UK's #1 selling skate sharpening tool for the last 10 years!

Directions for use:

SkateMate adapts to the width of the blade using the two adjustment wheels.

  • Turn the wheels simultaneously to open your SkateMate enough to fit easily onto the blade.
  • Then turn the wheels to clamp SkateMate onto the blade so that it cannot move. Finally, reverse the wheels just a tiny bit, so that it can move freely, but not wobble.
  • Since the abrasive cylinder is elastic and will conform to the blade using only LIGHT pressure, it fits itself to the ROH of the blade at hand.
  • Start with short smooth strokes up and down the blade and then increase the sweep to long ones in order to produce the sharpest edges.
  • DO NOT push down hard, let SkateMate do the job.