SkateHut Logo ABEC 5 Carbon Rated Bearings - Black/Red (Pack of 4)



  • SkateHut Logo on Shield
  • Skate Rated
  • Abec 5
  • Carbon Steel
  • Pack of 4 Bearings

Introducing the new SkateHut Abec 5 Carbon Rated Bearings. These bearings are made from carbon steel which make them ideal for entry-level to intermediate set ups and smooth-rolling - They're fast, smooth and ready to slot into your wheels!

Carrying a skate rating means that these bearings are ideal for use with skateboards, scooters, longboards, roller skates, inline skates and roller derby! 

A long-lasting wheel bearing will mean you can keep rolling for longer! Skate Hut Bearings offer high-performance Skate Rated bearings which provide all skaters with a perfect bearing for their skating style, terrain, and budget.