• Small & Lightweight & Great For Children Who Put On Their Own Skates
  • Great Accessory For Parents To Easily Tighten Their Child's Skates
  • Helps Secure Your Laces To Give Your Best Skating Performance
  • Avoids Getting Sore Fingers & Hands From Tough & Waxed Laces
  • No More Trouble Getting Your Skates Tight Enough
  • This Ideal Travelling Companion To Makes All The Difference To Your Skating
  • This Lacing Hook Is Compact & Small Enough To Fit In Your Pocket Or Skate Bag
  • Acts As An Extension Of Your Fingers, With Greater Power Exerted On The Laces
  • Using A LMNADE Lace Pull & Hook, You Can Get The Fit You Want Every Time
  • Contoured Handle For a Comfortable Grip
  • Pocket Sized Keep On You Or Stow In Your Equipment Bag With Ease
  • Retractable Hook
  • Available In Several Colour Options

Having trouble getting your skates tight enough? Fed up of sore hands from tough wax laces? Whether you are on the ice, in the park or at the roller disco, a lace puller will help you get your skates tight enough to stay secure. For younger Ice and Hockey skaters this is a great way to gain a bit more independence too.