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Fox DHX2 Fact 2pos-adj Rear Suspension Shock - 230 x 57.5mm



  • NEW graphics.
  • NEW chassis & damper.
  • Improved bearing ratio for metric sizes.
  • NEW detents on spring collar to prevent loosening under light preload conditions.
  • NEW high-flow main piston.
  • NEW MCU bumper for increased end stroke progression and bottom out control.
  • Matching 8-click HSC and HSR adjustment on Grip2 forks and X2 shocks.
  • Reduced friction.
  • Improved high-speed rebound tunability via addition of VVC (Variable Valve Control).
  • Increased control and decreased harshness via linear damping.
  • Steel outer body and finned inner body for improved structural rigidity and reduced hysteresis.
  • Ultra-low friction, highly durable damper shaft finish.
  • Independent firm mode circuit ÔÇô firmer lockout than previous DHX2.
  • Reduced length reservoir for better fit on more frames.
Featuring an entirely new chassis and damper, enhanced tunability, smoother action, and a new MCU bumper for progressivity and end-stroke control - the all-new DHX2 is ready to race straight out of the gate.
ALL-NEW CHASSIS - The outer body on the DHX2 features steel construction with finned inner tubes for reduced hysteresis. DHX2 features a new low-friction hard chrome coating on the shaft with new seals designed to pair perfectly to the new shaft coating, reducing frictions and increasing seal life.
ALL-NEW DAMPER - The new X2 damper maintains a twin tube architecture, emplying a proven dual-shim stack main piston for improved damping and more precise tuning than ever before.
We've added our patented VVC technology to the HSR circuit. VVC is a proprietary variable valve technology that allows for easy, external fine-tuning of suspension performance.
Just like GRIP2 forks, the X2 family of shocks also feature identical 8 clicks of adjustment on HSC and HSR. This allows the rider to make consistent adjustments between front and rear suspension.
ALL-NEW MCU BUMPER - Our all-new MCU bumper is designed to allow for supple beginning and mid-stroke, seamlessly transitioning to a bottomless end-stroke.
NEW INDEPENDENT FIRM MODE CIRCUIT - The optional 2-position switch operates on an independent circuit, resulting in a firmer lockout.
NEW SPRING CHANGES - The coil-sprung DHX2 now uses a full spring collar, held in place with a C-clip, and a new preload collar with indexed notches to allow for light preload without the collar backing off.