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Flybar Velocity Pogo Stick - Black/Red



  • Designed For Intermediate Skill Level
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Extra Wide Foot Pegs Provide Arch Support
  • BMX Style Batwing Bars
  • Ergonimic Rubber Hand Grips
  • Durable Steel Encased Spring
  • Fully Assembled & Ready To Use
  • Recommended Age: 9+
  • User Weight Range: 80-160lbs (36-72.5kg)
PRO BAT-WING HANDLE BARS - The new bat-wing style handle bars provide strength and control for a great an assured pogo experience.
PRO RUBBER HAND GRIPS - The velocity’s pro rubber hand grip provide comfort and a greater grip for better pogo and stunt performance.
DURABLE INNER SPRING DESIGN - The Velocity has a sturdy inner spring encased by the steel frame to keep hands, legs and fingers safe while providing a superior spring strength.
WIDER STANCE BOUNCE TIP - Not only do we want you to have fun, but we want you to be safe. The Velocity features a wider tip that provides a more stable and consistent pogoing experience. All tips are replaceable.
STURDY NON-SLIP FOOTPEGS - The Velocity Pro pogo Stick features stable, non-slip foot pegs that provide stability and control.
CARRY STRAP - The velocity comes with a lightweight, adjustable carry strap that lets you carry your pro pogo stick anywhere with ease and comfort. The quick release clip gets you in the action quickly and keeps you moving when you are ready to bail.
EXTRA TIP – The Velocity Medium Pogo Stick comes with a replacement tip included in the box.
JUMP HIGHER - This is the highest pogo we've got, meaning you can jump higher and bounce harder allowing you to trick with a heavier weight capacity.
The Flybar Velocity Pro Pogo Stick (MEDIUM) is meant for kids ages 9 and up, and is able to handle weights from 80-160 pounds.