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Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard - Black

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  • Deep Dish Composite Deck
  • Top Speed: 20mph
  • 3 Ride Modes for Beginners to Pros
  • Extended Range - 14 Miles
  • Hill Climbing: Up to 20% Gradient
  • Power: 1,000 Watts
  • Regenerative Brakes
  • 190mm CNC Precision Machined Trucks
  • Boosted Lunar 80mm Wheels
  • Ergonomic Bluetooth Remote
  • App: iOS and Android
  • Charge Time: 1 Hour 45 Minutes
  • 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty
    (Please See Manual or Manufacturer Website for Details)


  • (L) 29.5" x (W) 11" x (H) 5.7"
  • Weight: 7.6kg

Boosted Mini-X is the stash-and-go Boosted experience you've been waiting for, designed with ultimate portability in mind. At only 29.5" long, it fits perfectly under desks, in overhead storage on buses and trains, and won't slow you down as you navigate busy public transit stations. Best of all, this shortboard delivers the same powerful acceleration and smooth, secure braking you expect from Boosted with ride modes and acceleration patterns designed to suit the board's compact profile. Perfect for cruising the Boosted Mini is everything you need in a small electric skateboard.

Using construction techniques developed in high-end snowboarding manufacturing, Boosted Mini's custom designed composite deck is built around a strong, yet lightweight poplar core wrapped in triaxial fibreglass for a smooth, refined ride. The wide, stable standing platform features a Deep Dish concave shape which gives you superior control when digging into turns. The kicktail design allows for 90° turns and quick pivoting in close quarters and lets you "float" over surface imperfections so you can stay one step ahead. All of the board's edges are reinforced with a polymer sidewall, making the board ultra-durable from all angles. There is also a protective topsheet for increased impact and wear resistance and adds an extra layer of strength, and also a tai puck that is rider-replaceable protection against abrasion and drag.

With a top speed of 20mph, the Boosted Mini X offers just the right amount of speed without sacrificing stability. Small and mighty, the Boosted Mini can take on hills as steep as 20% with ease. With a 3:1 gear ratio, the belt drive produces more power than a Tour de France cyclist. That means you'll always have reliable, split-second control of your acceleration and braking.

Boosted's custom designed 80mm wheels are purpose-built for electric skateboards. Smoother and faster than ever, the wheel's flex profile is soft enough to handle road imperfections, yet firm enough to provide all the grip riders need when it matters most.

With a focus on the rigors of daily use, Boosted have built the drivetrain around CNC precision machined trucks with a higher grade aluminium and an updated design that adds more material in high stress areas. The result is a massive increase in overall strength right where you need it.

Boosted's ergonomic remote works in concert with their cutting-edge firmware to make the experience incredibly simple, intuitive, and reliable. Each ride mode includes a unique Jerk Filter that provides a careful taper when accelerating or braking. This provides a super responsive, yet predictable ride, from beginner to pro.

Boosted Mini X provides up to 14 miles of range so you never have to worry about taking the long way home. Boosted Mini X is where power meets agility. Get moving!