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Blind Reaper Super Sap R7 Skateboard Deck - McEntire Helmet 8.25"

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  • Dimensions: 8.25" x 32"
  • Wheelbase: 14.25"
  • Concave: Mellow
  • Pro Model: Cody McEntire
  • Graphic: Helmet Reaper - Foil
  • Construction: Resin-7 Super Sap Deck, Single Press


  • 7-ply 100% Canadian Maple w/ Eco Resin Glue

These boards are made with 100% Canadian Maple using Resin-7 Technology in a Single Press, making them stronger than industry standard 7-Ply. R7 decks are of the highest quality, providing excellent pop that lasts and consistent shape for every deck.

Now With Super Sap:

Strongest Eco-Friendly Resin, Formulated With Recycled Bio based & Renewable Raw Materials. Replaces Petroleum Based Materials Without Compromising Resin-7 Glue Performance!

Reduces Energy Use, Emissions And Environmental Impact During Manufacturing. Out With The Shrink Wrap, In With The 100% Compostable Bag