• 3D-Fit: The height setting of the Run System can be adjusted individually
  • Ceramic Shell: Durable outer shell thanks to the 3 shell construction
  • Edge Protect: The lower edge of the helmet is protected by the polycarbonate shell Edge Protect
  • EPP: multi density material that does not lose its protective effect even after multiple impacts
  • Hi-EPS: Optimum impact absorption thanks to Hi-EPS material made from microscopic little air chambers
  • Inmold: Low weight thanks to the inmold production where the upper shell is thermally connected with the Hi-EPS
  • Run System Ergo Flex: The smooth-operating and soft to the touch Run System Ergo Flex guarantees the greatest possible level of comfort
  • Cam Ready: Extra space for camera mounting
  • Neckbrace Ready: NBR helmets are suitable for use with neck protectors
  • Shield Protect: Visor provides protection against spray and the sun
  • 52cm-57cm
  • 57cm-61cm
Whether it’s on the trail, on a freeride or with the E-Fully at the bike park, the ROOTAGE EVO is a great choice. First of all, the over-ear helmet construction provides significantly more safety for side impact than a half-shell helmet. Furthermore, the EPP used on the ears is a multi-density material that doesn’t lose its protective effect even after multiple impacts and is also used in the back of the helmet.
The fixed visor directs air into the large ventilation channels in the ROOTAGE EVO, cooling the head. The ROOTAGE EVO is the first bike jet helmet with a size adjustment system and also allows the wearer to wear a neck brace. Protection, comfort and flow are guaranteed with the ROOTAGE EVO.