At SkateHut we’ve got some of the coolest brands on the market. Our massive range of Hype backpacks, pencil cases, clothing and accessories will not leave you unsatisfied. This cult brand can be seen worn by skaters all over the world, showing off their style credentials with Hype backpacks, school bags, t-shirts, hoodies and jumpers and raising the fashion stakes. If you want something that you can use every single day, Hype bags are the perfect school bags to take you straight to the skate park and the same goes for the rucksacks, which are perfect for work too. Kit yourself out in Hype clothing all year round, with jumpers and hoodies keeping you warm in the colder months and t-shirts for when the weather warms up. All of them feature the distinctive Hype branding that make it such a popular and distinctive range of clothing and bags. Shop here and get Free Delivery on all orders over £40.

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