Unleashing Adventure: Electric Scooters at SkateHut

Electric Scooters are a popular and convenient transportation mode that has revolutionised how we travel short distances. With their compact design and eco-friendly power source, Electric Scooters are ideal for commuting, running errands, or just exploring your neighbourhood. Unlike traditional Scooters, Electric Scooters are powered by a battery and electric motor, making them not only easy to use but also cost-effective and sustainable. With a range of styles, features, and price points to choose from, there's an Electric Scooter to suit every need and budget. Whether you're a student, a city dweller, or just someone who loves to get around in style, an Electric Scooter is a smart investment that will make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Whether you’re riding your Electric Scooter or out on one of our many Stunt Scooters, ensure you're always protected. Browse our wide range of Helmets and Pad Sets available for both adults and kids. From Knee Pads and Elbow Pads to Wrist Guards and Gloves, SkateHut has everything you need to stay safe when out on your Electric Scooter, Skateboard or BMX Bike.

Keep in mind that the only Electric Scooters that are legal to ride on public roads are E-Scooters available to rent as part of the government-backed trial. You can only ride your own personal Electric Scooter on private land and not on public roads or pathways. So if you’re considering getting an E Scooter for your daily commute, be sure to check your local government regulations before doing so. Find our Electric Scooter FAQs below for more information.

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Electric Scooter FAQs

  • Are Electric Scooters legal in the UK?

    As it stands in the UK it is completely legal to buy and own an Electric Scooter for your own personal use. Yet they come under the same UK law as Hoverboards and Electric Bikes, the three are considered powered transporters. This UK law classifies them as illegal to use on pavements, cycle lanes or in any pedestrianised places. This means you should only use your New Electric Scooter on private property.

    However, you can use your E-Scooter on public roads if you register, tax and insure it. Improper use can lead to fines, points on your licence and possibly confiscation of your Scooter.

  • How fast do Electric Scooters go?

    Looking to fulfil your need for speed? If so, then E-Scooters UK might be the new mode of transport for you. Dissimilar to your ordinary bicycles and Scooters, Electric Scooters are powered by an electric motor that can propel you forward at speed. Allowing you to ride along without exerting yourself.

    So, how fast can an Electric Scooter go? With the more top spec models you’re looking at a top speed of 30mph. If it was to exceed that speed, the Scooter would start to require a chair or a foot frame, which then begins to make the Scooter look a lot less Scooter like.

    Yet although some Scooters can reach these speeds, UK laws enforce a speed limit of 15.5mph and with the new London E-Scooter scheme, the UK government have created multiple go slow areas, enforcing a speed limit of 8mph.

  • What is the best Electric Scooter you can buy?

    When it comes to finding the right Electric Scooter to buy, it’s worth doing your research as its easy to assume that they’re all the same. When it comes to design, yes, they are largely very similar but as for the model specifications, each is very different. If you do your research, you will notice huge variations in top speed, charge time, battery life, weight, mileage and even some features such as water resistance and security.

    In the past 18 months the UK has seen continuous growth in popularity with Electric Scooters, as the British public looks for alternatives to public transport. Throughout this popularity surge, SkateHut have and continue to keep up with demand of all the latest and greatest Electric Scooters for adults and kids.

  • How Much are Electric Scooters?

    Understandably more costly than their manual counterpart, Electric Scooters can cost anywhere from £250 to £1k plus. With the continuing rise in popularity of eco-friendly travel alternatives, it means the market for E-Scooters has grown considerably wider in recent years. Electric Scooters have more variety than ever before and can be purchased at relatively affordable prices in the grand scheme of motorised transport.

    As with most things, the more you spend generally reflects the quality of your item. The model, brand and spec will always essentially define the price of the Scooter. The benefit to a higher end price point Electric Scooter would be its maximum speed and travel range. When looking for an E-Scooter to commute regularly, we recommend investing in your kit. If you’re interested in E-Scooters as transport but not ready to commit just yet there are widely available rental Electric Scooters in most county.

  • Do you need a Driver's License for an Electric Scooter?

    Using an Electric Scooter requires a driver's licence with category Q entitlement. This includes any valid UK provisional or full licence. As powered transporters, Electric Scooters come under the same classification as E-Bikes and Electric Skateboards. This means they are subject to the same laws and regulations regarding motor vehicles.

    It is illegal to use Electric Scooters in any pedestrianised areas such as pavements and cycle tracks. Whether you’re using your own personal E-Scooter or renting one in the city, it’s important to be aware of the local restrictions regarding motorised transport. Electric Scooters are more commonplace in major cities so there is a more relaxed attitude and understanding towards them. When using your Electric Scooter in less populated areas with no familiarity of rental E-Scooters it’s important to be mindful and considerate of the general public when riding.

  • Where can you rent an Electric Scooter?

    Renting an Electric Scooter was initially trialled in more metropolitan areas such as London, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham and other bustling cities. Providing an eco-friendly, affordable mode of transport to the public, its popularity rapidly accelerated. Popular sites for rental are most notably Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Corby, Coventry, Higham Ferrers, Kettering, Liverpool, North Devon, Northampton, Oxford, Peterborough, Portsmouth, Rushden, Southampton, Wellingborough and West Bromwich.

    As with any Electric Scooter these do require either a full or provisional licence and we always recommend using safety gear such as a Helmet and Knee Pads for maximum protection. Whether you are using a rental Scooter for the first time or have adopted them into your day to day, remember to always be mindful of both other users and the public. Designated charging spots are for drop offs specifically so as to limit the amount of abandoned Scooters across cities within the scheme.

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Electric Scooters are the future of inner-city transport, providing a cleaner more sustainable way of travel. At Skatehut we are proud to offer the latest and best E Scooters. Whether you’re buying for yourself or gifting your child their first Kids Electric Scooter, our wide range of Electric Scooters for Kids and adults at Skatehut is here to meet all your riding needs.