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Spring Hardware 2020

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Spring Hardware 2020

Up Your Board Game!

Spring is finally here so it’s time to freshen up the setup! We have put together some of our top choices from the latest Spring ranges from all your favourite brands.

New Birdhouse Boards Out Now!

Birdhouse Armanto Companion Pro Skateboard Deck Birdhouse Stage 3 Armanto Maneki Neko Complete Skateboard

Birdhouse Armanto Companion Pro Skateboard Deck - Silver

Birdhouse Stage 3 Armanto Maneki Neko Complete Skateboard

This spring range from Birdhouse is packed with amazing deck shapes, graphics and that premium build quality. From the Japanese logo team board to each of the pro models, there is a variety of choice for your style of skating. Each are made with either 7ply Canadian maple or hard rock maple with epoxy glue for additional strength. We are huge fans of the Armanto Companion Pro deck with its mid cruiser shape, size and squared tail, plus the design has this silver glimmer which really stands out strong.

Away from decks if you are after complete setups then Birdhouse also has you covered. Being long time animal fans our attention immediately goes towards the Stage 3 Maneki Neko complete. The deck is 7ply hard rock maple with epoxy glue for additional strength and sits nicely on birdhouse trucks with 52mm Maneki Neko graphic wheels with abec 7 bearings. A really great set up to shred the park with and with that strength to handle what the street throws at it. Check out the whole range here.

Penny Cruisers Just In

Penny Flame Complete Cruiser Black Yellow Penny Ocean Mist Complete Longboard - Turquoise

Penny Flame Complete Cruiser - Black/Yellow

Penny Ocean Mist Complete Longboard - Turquoise

Year after year penny boards are always a massive hit and it’s all down to their boundless simplicity which makes cruising around just the most fun, carefree activity. After a short amount of time on a Penny, you're going to want to cruise everywhere. The latest lines from penny include some amazing designs, whilst still keeping the classic simplicity of a plastic, highly flexible and durable non-slip deck on powder-coated reactive trucks and 59mm polyurethane wheels.

Stand out models for us include the Penny Flame Complete Cruiser which carries very classic styling, and fits nicely with the board itself. If the smaller deck size doesn’t settle well with you then don’t worry penny also has different board sizes and shapes for everyone including a penny pintail which looks iconic.

Fresh Santa Cruz Decks

Santa Cruz One Reissue Skateboard Deck style= Santa Cruz My Colourway Salba Tiger Reissue Deck

Santa Cruz My Colourway Roskopp One Reissue Skateboard Deck

Santa Cruz Salba Tiger Reissue Skateboard Deck

Santa Cruz are just iconic! Their history and graphics are timeless, fresh and classic while their construction is unmatched! If you haven’t tried Santa Cruz you need to try one of their afterglow series. Santa Cruz call it The "Best Skateboard You Will Ever Ride".

The deck is constructed with 5-plys of hard rock North American Maple, and reinforced by two layers of Santa Cruz Quad X Technology material on either side. So that build means in your hands and under your feet you'll have a super light but strong build. Make your new build with one of these decks and feel a welcome difference you’ll want every time you skate.

New In Powell

Powell Peralta Ripper 244 Skateboard Deck Powell Peralta Skull and Sword 247 Skateboard Deck

Powell Peralta Ripper #244 Skateboard Deck - Pink/a>

Powell Peralta Skull & Sword #247 Skateboard Deck - Green

Powell decks have everything you could want to build a solid set up. Constructed with 7 ply hard rock maple, and pressed with airlam tech, so the deck layers are pressed with low pressure for longer with water resistant glue for a strong deck.

In terms of the look these deck designs have a heritage that is both classic and iconic. “The Ripper” design is so well known that everybody will know you are riding a Powell set up.

Pristine Bones Wheels

Bones 100s Sidecut V5 3 Skateboard Wheels Bones 100s Sidecut V5 3 Skateboard Wheels

Bones 100's Sidecut V5 #3 Skateboard Wheels - Black

Bones 100's Sidecut V5 #3 Skateboard Wheels - White

Bones wheels along with bones bearings are more than a brand they are a standard in their field. With Bones wheels you know you are riding on a quality wheel. Each style of wheel Bones sell is specially catered for specific types of skating.

From the rough rider wheels which are taller and softer to deal with street skating, to the SPF (Skate Park Formula) which again is designed to get the best out of park surfaces. Make the decision and roll bones.

Mini Logo Wheels Just In

Mini Logo A-Cut 2 101a Skateboard Wheels Mini Logo A-Cut 2 101a Skateboard Wheels

Mini Logo A-Cut 2 101a Skateboard Wheels - Black

Mini Logo A-Cut 2 101a Skateboard Wheels - White

Mini Logo wheels have built a brand around providing great quality at an affordable price. No matter what your style of skating, there is a set of wheels that will match your style and give you excellent performance, there are alot of size profiles to choose from and if you feel the minimalistic approach is for you then mini logo is the one for you.

Don’t forget our custom builder!

Our custom build service is available to create your dream skateboard set up, get to see how your set up looks before buying it and get 10% off the price at checkout and have your board built by our experts.

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