Best Stunt Scooters For Kids

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Best Stunt Scooters For Kids

With so many different styles and brands of scooters available here at SkateHut, it can prove tricky deciding which one is right for your child! Here you’ll find a guide to help you – featuring brands and models that we’d recommend for each age range.

3+ Years - Y-Volution Y Glider

 Y-Volution Y-Glider

Perfect for those little ones who have mastered walking and are looking for their next challenge! The Y-Volution Y Glider is a three wheeled scooter that is both stable and lightweight. It’s ‘Lean to Steer’ mechanism makes it simple for children to manoeuvre and the large rear brake makes controlling and stopping easy!

4+ Years - JD Bug Junior

JD Bug Junior

A scaled down version of a best seller. The JD Bug Junior Street Scooter features an adjustable handlebar so that it can grow with your child! Built with a large rear brake and soft foam grips this scooter is ideal for those who want to keep up with their older siblings. SkateHut also sells the JD Bug Junior as part of a bundle complete with a pad set and helmet to help protect from bumps and bruises!

6+ Years - Globber Flow 125

Globber Flow 125

The Flow 125 is the next logical step up in scooters! Slightly bigger than the JD Bug Junior and still featuring an adjustable bar, the Flow 125 is built from robust materials – meaning it is ideal for small stunts and more intensive use. Great for a young one who is looking to progress their scooting!

8+ Years - JD Bug Original

JD Bug Original

The most classic and easily recognizable kids scooter is the JD Bug Original. Featuring an adjustable handlebar and easy fold mechanism, the JD Bug is lightweight and easy to transport, and even includes a handy detachable carry strap! With a maximum handlebar height of 95cm, you’re unlikely to outgrow this model any time soon!

10+ Years - Madd Kick Pro V5

Madd Kick Pro V5

The Madd Kick Pro V5 is a fully fledged stunt scooter, downsized for a younger rider. Featuring 110mm Holographic Metal Core wheels and 22" Chromoly handlebars, it is ideal for those younger ones who are looking to take their riding up to a more serious level.  It’s also great value for money!

12+ Years - MGP VX Origin Team 

MGP VX Origin Team

A fully sized stunt scooter, the MGP VX Origin Team edition is what we recommend to all beginner riders! Suitable for the skatepark as well as all other purposes, the VX Origin’s have set the industry standard for entry level pro scooters. The VX Origin series also includes a slightly smaller version of the Team, called the VX Origin Pro.

Find our more about buying a stunt scooter for your child in our Stunt Scooters Buying Guide!

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