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Best Stunt Scooters For Kids 2020

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Best Stunt Scooters For Kids 2020

Ages 3 to 12+

When it comes to buying a new stunt scooter online the trickiest part can often be knowing if the scooter will be a good fit for the person riding it. The descriptions on websites can give a lot of information so it’s easy to get bogged down when you are trying to find the right one. Well have no fear! Here at SkateHut we have well over a decade’s worth of experience when it comes to selling and building scooters for happy customers so we are going to give you some handy hints to ensure you make the right choice no matter how old the scooter rider is.

3+ Years - Zycom Zing Light Up Complete Scooter

 Zycom Zing Light Up scoter black and red

Even young children can’t wait to get their first scooter and this type of exercise can really be beneficial for developing balance, burning off lots of energy and developing an early enjoyment of outside activities. Scooters for children at this age will have certain key features to ensure both safety and adaptability for when they grow. Taking the Zycom Zing Light Up Complete Scooter as an example, the scooter is built with three wheels for better balance without affecting the experience of riding a scooter. The Zing features a three-stage adjustable set of handlebars to allow the scooter to grow with your child and features a lower profile deck to give more stability from a lower centre of gravity.

4+ Years - JD Bug Junior

JD Bug Junior

A scaled down version of a best seller. The JD Bug Junior Street Scooter features an adjustable handlebar so that it can grow with your child! Built with a large rear brake and soft foam grips this scooter is ideal for those who want to keep up with their older siblings. SkateHut also sells the JD Bug Junior as part of a bundle complete with a pad set and helmet to help protect from bumps and bruises!

6+ Years - JD Bug Junior Street Folding Scooter

JD Bug Junior

At around this age, children still have three wheel options for riders who are beginners and want to develop their balance but for the scooter riders who are ready to progress there are suitable models such as the JD Bug Jnr. The JD bug is the next step up with its two-wheel design which relies on the child’s now improved sense of balance to handle. The bug also comes with height adjustable handlebars for better fit whilst the child is growing at that key age. The scooter also has the ability to fold down small which is perfect for easy transportation and storage when not in use.

8+ Years - JD Bug Original

JD Bug Original

The most classic and easily recognizable kids scooter is the JD Bug Original. Featuring an adjustable handlebar and easy fold mechanism, the JD Bug is lightweight and easy to transport, and even includes a handy detachable carry strap! With a maximum handlebar height of 95cm, you’re unlikely to outgrow this model any time soon!

10+ Years - Blunt Envy ONE S3 Stunt Scooter

Blunt Envy ONE S3 Scooter

This age can be one of the more tricky ages to size for as the bars on stunt scooters will tend to be non adjustable and so the key to ensuring a good fit is to check that the handlebars finish around the same height as the riders midriff (belly button). Using the Belly button as a key height size allows the rider toto ride in the most comfortable and safe position as any lower and the rider will be hunched over causing a bad back and any higher and there is a possibility of catching their chin when bending their knees after landed a trick. A good range to look at is the brand new Blunt ONE S3 range which is perfectly aimed for riders getting their first stunt scooter for tricks.

12+ Years - MGP MGX T1 Team 5.0 Stunt Scooter

MGP MGX T1 Team scooter

Again with this age group sizing can be tricky but you also get the added problem of ensuring that the scooter is not too small for the rider. Use the measurement of the rider standing using their midriff to the floor and comparing that with the height of the scooter. There is going to be alot of choice for riders around this age range so there will be something perfectly suited to you. Maybe something from one of the biggest manufacturers in scootering MGP such as their MGX T1 Team series which is perfectly suited for more experienced intermediate to pro riders.

We hope that this has given you some handy tips for buying your next scooter online however all our collective knowledge here at SkateHut wouldn’t be able to fit in a blog so please feel free to make use of that knowledge by contacting our friendly team of customer service experts who will help you pick the perfect sized scooter for you. Find out more about buying a stunt scooter for your child in our Stunt Scooters Buying Guide.

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