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Stunt Scooters Buying Guide

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying A Stunt Scooter

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What is a Stunt Scooter?

A stunt scooter is a non-adjustable and non-foldable scooter designed for tricks and grinds at the skate park. The defining difference between normal scooters and stunt scooters is that stunt scooters are non-folding and non-adjustable. They’re made using the strongest and lightest materials to withstand the impact of stunt landings and they have slightly different dimensions that will make them easier to perform tricks on.

Why Should I Buy A Stunt Scooter?

Scooter riding is currently one of the fastest growing extreme sports. If your child or teenager or if you are looking into getting a stunt scooter to start performing tricks, it’s important that you purchase a good stunt scooter that is built for stunts. Using a folding scooter will inevitably lead to scooter damage and possibly injury. Stunt scooters are specifically for stunts and skate park visits and are made using strong materials such as steel alloy or titanium. They are built to withstand lots of pressure and impact as riders master new skills and practice repetitively - the one-piece bar construction is vitally needed to prevent breakage and damage.

How should I go about choosing a stunt scooter?

A stunt scooter should sit comfortably between the waist and hips, but for more advanced riders and those riding ‘park’ style, a lower sitting bar height will be more suitable. Some riders prefer a higher bar and some riders prefer a lower one, however if you’re just starting out then it’s best to just go with the basic recommended height. To find out this height, you should measure from the ground up to your hip, then again from the ground up to your naval. The middle point between your hip and naval is the best height for you.

What brands should I be looking at?

Brand choice comes down to skill level, ride style and of course, budget. Some great beginner brands to look into are:

Some of our best brands for pro scooter riders are:

Some of our newest brands include:

What size scooter is best for what age?

When it comes to choosing a stunt scooter for your child, we don't recommend going by age. It all comes down to the rider and the scooter height. Most of our scooter listings should state the complete height, (if not - ask a member of our customer service team!) and you can measure this against the rider’s height for suitability.

For ages 10 and up, a bar height of 580+mm should be suitable. Some of our tallest bar heights range stretch up to 735mm, however on average, bars 680mm upwards are recommended for taller teens-adults riders.

Stunt Scooters for kids aged 13 and below

MGP have established themselves as a great beginner-intermediate brand, ideal for a first or second stunt scooter. The new VX8 range has just landed meaning we have a range of bundles and colours available. At 84cm tall, and new and improved 120mm wheels - it should be perfect for younger teenagers.

MGP VX8 Team Stunt Scooter Bundle


An alternative would be the also newly released Blunt Envy S7 range. After the success of the original Prodigy; the scooter has been improved with a lighter deck and bars in a new range of colours.

Blunt Envy Prodigy S7 Stunt Scooter Bundle


Stunt Scooters for kids aged 13 -16

Grit Scooters and Crisp Scooters are ideal brands for taller, staying budget friendly scooters. Both brands have a good range of high quality stunt scooters. The Grit Invader 2018 and the Crisp 2018 Evolution completes pictured below, are ideal for teenagers at a beginner to intermediate level. View the full range of Grit Scooters and Crisp Scooters if you're looking for a great stunt scooter to help a young one improve their skills.

Grit 2018 Invader Stunt Scooter (Blue/Silver)

Grit Invader 2018

Crisp 2018 Evolution Stunt Scooter (Red) 

Crisp 2018 Evolution Stunt Scooter

Looking into more established brands mean higher quality and lighter parts on the scooter. The below suggestions are great to take into consideration for an intermediate level of riding.

Lucky Prospect 2019 Stunt Scooter (Seafoam)

Lucky Prospect 2019 Stunt Scooter Seafoam

Addict is a newly established company for scooter enthusiasts. They design scooters that are specifically for skate parks. In purchasing an Addict scooter, riders will benefit from the unique and lightweight design when mastering tricks.

Addict Defender Stunt Scooter (Red/Black)

Addict Defender Stunt Scooter Red

Recommendation for older years (17 - Adult)

Scooters suited for taller riders are designed with a pro-level experienced rider in mind. We sell a wide range of pre-made custom scooters for this very purpose.

AO Scooters Sachem 1.2 Stunt Scooter (Midnight Blue)

AO Scooters Sachem 1.2 Stunt Scooter midnight blue

AO Scooters 2018 Quadrum 2 Stunt Scooter (Grey)

AO Scooters 2018 Quadrum 2 Stunt Scooter Grey small

Some great alternatives for teens and adults new to riding can be found in our Addict scooter range:

Phoenix 2018 Sequel Stunt Scooter (Blue)

Phoenix 2018 Sequel Stunt Scooter Blue

Addict Equalizer Stunt Scooter (Black/Blue)

Addict Equalizer Stunt Scooter Black Blue

Custom Stunt Scooters

You’ll find that more experienced scooter riders all ride custom scooters. These are scooters that have been built by themselves or by a shop. Custom scooters are often made up of scooter parts from different brands, built to the rider's specific preference. Customs are often seen as better quality and have more street cred, as they are designed to the riders exact preferred specs.

We also offer full customisation in the way of our Custom Scooter Builder. SkateHut’s Custom Scooter Builder allows you to mix and match parts to build your own scooter and see the process, final design and weight of it, before it’s actually built! Once you place your order our build team will then assemble it and get it sent out to you. All SkateHut Custom Scooter Builds receive a 10% discount, a free Scooter Bonus Pack and Free Next Day Delivery!

The Custom Builder also rules out any products that aren’t compatible with each other, saving you the stress of ordering any parts that don’t fit! You can also check out our own range of SkateHut custom scooters - designed and built in-house.

If you have any questions on buying a stunt scooter, feel free give us a call on 0121 501 1111 or get in touch through we’re always happy to help!

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