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The Best Brand Collabs of 2019

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The Best Brand Collabs of 2019

It’s always an exciting time when your favourite brand drops a brand spanking new line of clothing or hardware. Even better when it’s a collaboration with another brand or franchise. 2019 has really spoiled us so far with some amazing collabs and here at SkateHut we have been compiling our top ones so far.

SpongeBob X MOB Grip Tape

SpongeBob MOB Griptape

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea and now on a skateboard under your feet? SpongeBob SquarePants that's who! When Mob dropped this collab of amazing skateboard grip tape, our Instagram blew up. The premium graphics featuring SpongeBob and Patrick on high quality MOB tape have been a huge hit!

TMNT X Santa Cruz Clothing and Decks

SantaCruz TMNT Clothing

Santa Cruz never disappoint when it comes to their collabs. The reception to their collaboration with my childhood faves the Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles was so popular it came out in two waves. On the fashion front there were some amazing tees and long sleeve shirts.

Santa Cruz TMNT Decks

On the skateboard side there were some amazing decks, wheels, grips and speciality cruiser decks, shaped as the cover of the original TMNT movie poster.

Hello Kitty X Herschel Bags

Hello Kitty Herschel Bags

The Kitten Queen of kawaii, Hello Kitty, happens to be the second highest grossing franchise of all time! Since her creation in 1974 and her commute to America in 1976 Hello Kitty, has spread her ideals of friendship, kindness and kawaii culture ever since. Herschel's collab with Hello Kitty has resulted in a stunning range of bum bags, backpacks and even a duffle bag, all decked out with Hello Kitty's signature red bow!

Vans X Baker

Vans Baker Collab items 2019

As huge fans of past Vans collaborations like Vans x Toy Story and Vans X Independent, we’re always excited to see who they’ll work with next. In their latest collab, Vans are celebrating another company with deep roots in the skateboarding community - Baker Skateboards. After 20 years of "Giving Skateboarding A Bad Name" Baker and Vans have created a unique collection of sneakers and apparel with both companies branding and the "bad name" slogan proudly emboldened across classic vans styles like the Sk8 Hi, Old Skool pro, Slip on and many more.

Almost X Dr Seuss

Dr Suess Almost Skateboard Decks

Before Dr Dre the original rhyming Dr was Dr Suess. Almost Skateboards have released a series of boards with some amazing graphics in the same illustrated style of the classic Dr Suess books. From Thing 1 and Thing 2 to Green Eggs & Ham the classics are represented in deck form. Almost have also released some amazing grip tapes too featuring The Lorax.

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