Shop White Stunt Scooters

Our white stunt scooter range takes on the aesthetic of minimal elegance. The clean, crisp white finish exudes a timeless sophisticated style that captures the attention of everyone in the surrounding area. The colour itself shines bright like a diamond when the sun hits it, really adding a shine when you are shredding those maneuvers in the park, street or wherever you happen to be. The simplicity of the design is a nod to classic style which all scooter riders and extreme sports enthusiasts can appreciate, regardless of preference when it comes to aesthetics. It is a plain and simple style that cannot be denied. It also allows riders to make a strong statement without compensating with masses of visual effects and prints. 

The minimalist sophistication style means that you can really communicate through your actions, in the sense that the attention will not be solely on the design of your setup, but instead, on your skill and technique when you are dropping all sorts of tricks. Whether you are mastering complex flips, grinding on the rails or even just tearing through the air, the plain white aesthetic will ensure that the focus is on you and your capabilities. When it comes to expressing yourself, a white stunt scooter is the perfect way to do this. It is not just a stunt scooter, it is your personal statement on scooter wheels.

Santa Cruz Skateboards FAQs

  • Why choose a white stunt scooter?

    A white stunt scooter can match any style and personality. Its plain and neutral colour means that, similar to the colour black, it can match with anything and any outfit. You could be rocking the most vibrant streetwear, or maybe you’ve gone for a more subdued look. Regardless, a white stunt scooter will go perfectly with both outfits, and any skate clothing outfit, for that matter. The plain style opens up a world of opportunities and possibilities where you can really step up your game and make some real progress. The colour white boasts high reflectivity, meaning it has the ability to bounce off a significant portion of the sunlight that falls on its surface. It prevents the scooter from absorbing too much heat, keeping it cool, which will come in very handy, especially on those hot summer days. 

  • How to customise a white stunt scooter?

    Taking your white scooter to the next level entails a thoughtful process whereby you take a step back, look at the setup as a whole and have an image in mind as to how you want the final product to stand. You’ll want to consider some of the key stunt scooter parts with regards to upgrading, starting off with the scooter grips and scooter handlebars. With the scooter grips, you’ll want to choose a set that not only match your personal style, but they will also need to provide the right amount of comfort when you grip onto them, With a white scooter, you can afford to go a little brash with it, try some vibrant colours. This can be coupled with scooter handle bars that offer quite a sleek style. When choosing scooter clamps, you’ll want to prioritise ones that offer good stability, style and aesthetics come after. Again, you might want to go for clamps that stand out a little. As it is a small accessory, similarly to the grips, it will make quite a statement alongside the white stunt scooter and sleek handlebars.

  • Do white stunt scooters get dirty easily?

    White scooters do get dirty easily, so maintaining their pristine appearance is common amongst scooter riders, a bit like how people think that white trainers can get scuffed quite easily. This is because white surfaces can be more susceptible to showing dirt, stains and marks compared to darker colours. When taking your stunt scooter out and about to the streets or skate parks, it will accumulate debris and dirt over time. This is why you need a regular cleaning routine to prevent this build up, wiping down the surface often to remove dirt. You can make use of gentle soap and water to clean the scooter thoroughly, using a cloth or sponge.