SkateHut Custom Scooter Builder


Custom Scooter Builder | Build your own Stunt Scooter

Do you want to bring your very own dream scooter to life? Look no further!


  • Our custom scooter builder will allow you to assemble a top-class scooter that perfectly meets your exact needs.
  • Choose from stylish scooter accessories from iconic brands like CORE, Enuff, Drone, Slamm and more. Building your Custom Scooter is difficult and time-consuming but our scooter builder will save you time, research and preparation.
  • Choose your key components as you go and see how the scooter will look in real time. 
  • Once you have selected all of your components and have completed your build, you will be presented with the total weight of the scooter, along with the option for our expert builders to assemble your scooter for you for ONLY £4.99! 


Key scooter components and what you’ll need to consider when building your custom skateboard:


Custom Scooter Decks 

There are various things you’ll want to consider, such as the length, width, foot space, wheel space and more. With regards to deck length, longer decks tend to be better suited for street riding, whereas smaller decks are particularly ideal for park riding. Also, the taller you are, the more comfortable you will find riding a lengthier deck. Regardless of whether you are just riding from A to B, or you are looking to execute impressive tricks, you’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of space to ensure a solid footing.


Build your Scooter Wheels

Scooter wheels, in general range between 100mm to 200mm and our scooter builder allows you to choose a variety of high-performance wheels from the best of the best brands. Scooter wheels are an absolutely essential scooter component for ensuring that your riding experience is a smooth and enjoyable one

Customise Grip Tape

Add a bit of personality to your setup with some eye-catching grip tape. We sell a range of grip tape from CORE, Enuff, Drone, Slamm and much more. The broad range of styles available fits a broad range of personal styles; there is something available for everyone! 


Personalise Handle Bars

When selecting your handlebars, a good rule of thumb is to purchase a set of bars that are around the width of your shoulders.


Add Forks, Clamps & Headsets


The Scooter Builder will ensure that the forks, clamps and headsets available to you will fit perfectly with all of the other components which you have chosen for safe, efficient and smooth-riding so that you don’t have to worry or think twice about compatibility!


Custom Grips

Our variety of scooter grips come in a range of striking styles and colourways so that you can really take control of your scooter with style! Shop from leading brands, such as MGP, Nitro Circus, CORE, Ethic, Blazer Pro and much more. 


Build your own personal scooter right now using our Custom Scooter Builder