What to Watch!

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What to Watch!

Whilst we’re all indoors it's difficult to find ways to fill our time. That’s why our staff, who are all working from home in their favourite pair of PJs, have recommended some of the best videos, films, channels and more for you to watch.

All of the suggestions below will make staying in and following the current rules that little bit easier.

So feast your eyes on the entertainment that keeps SkateHut employees nice and relaxed when they kick back and binge-watch.


There are plenty of series, films and documentaries for you to get your teeth into on Netflix, here are our favourites!

Blue Planet II - Bring the natural world into the home with the infamous voice of Sir David Attenborough.

Friends - You’ve probably seen the majority of the episodes on TV as they are constantly repeated. However, now we’ve all got a lot of time on our hands, why not watch the series how it was always meant to be consumed. 85 hours worth of content!


Peaky Blinders - As a Brummie-based business we can’t help but be a bit biased here. Tommy Shelby and his gang of crooks will have you hooked from episode one.

Eddie the Eagle - Get yourself in the mood for extreme sports with this absolute classic. Follow the ex-GB Olympian’s story as he makes history in Sport

Happy Gilmore - Another cracker of a film, watch this wonderful comedy that’s based on the world of Golf.

Dogtown and Z-Boys - For you hardcore Skaters we have a must-watch film. If you’re in need of some skating action whilst you’re stuck indoors, this will certainly provide you with everything you want.


A fairly new platform which is great for both kids and adults. Disney+ combines both new and old entertainment, so you can reminisce and discover at the same time.

Marvel Cinematic Universe - The entire series is all available to watch on there. From Spider-Man to Guardians of the Galaxy, you have it all at your fingertips.

Toy Story X Marvel Universe

Star Wars: The Mandalorian - Baby Yoda has been kicking up a storm all over social media, so why not see what all the fuss is about. This fantastic series has kept the Star Wars flame alight.

Brink! - An old-school Disney movie that incorporates the world of Inline Skating within. Spark a new passion in your little ones today and watch this feel-good film.

Rip Girls - Dream of the beach with a motion picture that’s all about Surfing and Hawaii.

High School Musical - The ultimate nostalgia. Jump back into the mind of a 13-year-old or entertain your 13-year-old with any of the three films at your disposal.

Star Wars Pop Vinyl


Everyone’s favourite place to accidentally stumble across Primitive Survival videos at 3am. YouTube is an endless world for you to enjoy, with all kinds of content available. Take a look at our staff choices below, with some that are skater-inspired.

Ryan Williams - This wild Nitro Circus dude throws the biggest tricks week in week out, he invites the craziest riders from all around the globe to play in the world-renowned R-Willy land.

Ryan Williams no hands

Sam Pilgrim - An amazing mountain biker with an amazing channel. Providing videos with downhill & slow-paced trails, jumps, enduro and more. Subscribe to the Professional free rider and former FMB World Champ today!

YBS Youngbloods - Get a load of this outdoor channel following Brody and his dog Strada, as they explore their local Australian area spending most of their time in the sea seeing sharks, whales and sea turtles! Brody also does survival challenges where all he has is a knife but must find food and water.

Thrasher's YouTube - A good all-rounder and basically a hub for all things skateboarding. They make fresh content just like they make great clothes.

Longboarding black and white

The Berrics - This is a skate-park owned and managed by some very popular pro-skaters. They have a website and a YouTube where skate-related media is shared. Battle at the Berrics is just one example of the brilliant videos they make and they've done a fair few of them over the years. A very good watch.

Emerica - Emerica edits deliver the very best of skating. Not only that, but they also show off their new shoe releases with some stylish montages.

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