This BERG Trio has Ride On Toys for Every Age

Skateboards, scooter, and bikes are cool and all, but here at SkateHut, we like to keep all options open when it comes to outdoor activities for kids across all ages. Ride on toys have been a big part of our outdoor range, including go-karts, trikes and balance bikes and there is one brand that has all this covered. Berg is one of the most popular and reliable names for kids ride-on toys in the UK right now with their focus on durability and ergonomics for little people to master everything on two, three and even four wheels!

So, let’s delve into the top sellers from our Berg ride on range and hopefully you’ll get some inspiration for fun times in the park and garden.

BERG Biky City Balance Bike

Get ready to zoom around with the Biky City, the balance bike that’s got it all—and then some! Picture this: sturdy 12” rims with smooth pneumatic tires for that perfect ride. The super-strong magnesium frame keeps it light as a feather and oh-so-easy to handle. Plus, the adjustable saddle means it grows with you, ready for adventures to the ends of the earth and back.

Safety first, little explorer! The Biky City comes with a nifty steering regulator featuring two modes: Safe mode for a steady start and Skill mode for when you’re ready to show off. And don’t worry about bumps and bruises—there are no sharp edges or pokey bits, and the built-in footrests keep both you and your Biky safe from harm.

But wait, there’s more! Amp up your safety and fun with awesome accessories. Pop on a cool helmet to protect your genius noggin and add a flag so the big folks in cars can see you coming. And with a handy bicycle stand, you can park your Biky anywhere you please.

This awesome training bike comes in either cool green or snazzy red. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on your Biky City and let the adventures begin!

BERG Buzzy Beatz Ride-On Pedal Kart

Get ready for the coolest ride ever with the BERG Buzzy Beatz! Thanks to its four wheels, this bad boy is way more stable than any tricycle. It's super safe and keeps you steady even on the tightest turns. And guess what? Your feet stay on the pedals because they’re not connected to the handlebars. Pedalling is a breeze, making you feel like you’re flying over the pavement or tarmac. Oh, and it zooms backward just as fast!

Are you a music lover? The Buzzy Beatz has got you covered with an awesome soundbar. Record and play your favourite tunes, or maybe even your own rap! The soundbar is built right into the ergonomic handlebars, so it’s easy and safe to use. Have you checked out the new Buzzy Beatz design? The go-faster stripe makes it look—and feel—even speedier.

With cool EVA foam tires for a silent ride and an adjustable saddle, the Buzzy Beatz grows right along with you. Plus, the swing axle keeps your ride stable, even over those pesky bumps. Perfect for little adventurers aged 2 to 5, the Buzzy Beatz is packed with handy features and ready for fun!

Cool features:

  • Child Learns to Pedal Easily Due to The Direct Transmission And Unique Ergonomics.
  • Superior Control Over the Steering and The Pedals Because They Can Be Operated Independently.
  • Silent Eva Whisper Tyres That Will Never Go Flat.
  • The Four Wheels and Swing Axle Keep You Grounded Firmly and Safely.
  • Super Light Pedalling Due to Ball Bearings and Unique Ergonomics.
  • Grows With Your Child Due to The Adjustable Steering Wheel and Saddle.
  • Can Be Driven Forwards and Backwards.

BERG Go2 Ride On Pedal Kart

Introducing the BERG GO², our tiniest go-kart for the littlest adventurers aged 10-30 months. Don’t let its size fool you—this go-kart packs a punch! Your toddler will learn to ride or pedal super-fast. It’s like having two awesome toys in one!

Start with the pedals folded up so your little one can use it as a ride-on. Thanks to its clever design, they can push around without the pedals or back wheels getting in the way. When they're ready for the next step, just fold down the pedals, and voilà! Your tiny tot can pedal away on their BERG GO².

No need to worry about tipping over—those four wheels keep it steady and safe. Perfect for all those zooming adventures! The BERG GO² is designed just for your child's age, so there’s no need to adjust the saddle or steering wheel. They’ll always sit perfectly, ready to roll.

Pedalling is a breeze with its lightweight action and direct drive. Plus, the silent whisper tires mean your little explorer can ride around without making a peep—perfect for indoor adventures too!

In short, the BERG GO² isn’t just fun—it’s a fantastic way to help your child develop. They’ll discover the world around them with every ride. The BERG GO² is the best choice for fun and learning!

From the stable and safe BERG Buzzy Beatz to the feature packed Biky City and the clever design of the BERG GO², these rides offer thrilling adventures and valuable developmental benefits for your little ones. The Buzzy Beatz, with its music-playing soundbar and cool design, ensures fun and stability, making it perfect for young music lovers and speed enthusiasts alike. The Biky City combines sturdiness and lightweight handling with its magnesium frame, offering adjustable and safe riding experiences enhanced by a range of accessories. Lastly, the BERG GO² stands out with its 2-in-1 functionality, transitioning from a push car to a pedal go-kart, all while prioritizing safety and ease of use for toddlers.

These innovative rides are designed not only for endless fun but also to support the physical and cognitive development of your children, making them the perfect companions for their early adventures. Choose any of these models, and watch your child explore, grow, and enjoy every moment of their riding experience!