The Best Skateboard Accessories for Beginners

Okay, so if you’re a beginner and just starting out skateboarding, improving your skills and wondering what else you need to level up, then you’re in the right place. Getting a fresh skateboard is only the start of your shredding journey and as you progress, you’ll want to explore all the nuances of skateboarding, including what width skateboard deck feels the most comfortable, which trucks feel right, which skateboard bearings feel the smoothest and everything else you’ll need to not only give you the best ride, but also keep you safe and confident.


Skate Protection

We’ll start off with an obvious one, because it’s the most important: skate protection. Skateboarding is an action sport and their will inevitably be scuffs and falls. Even the best skateboarders in the world fall off their deck…more often than you think! If you’re getting a skateboard for the first time, for either yourself or as a gift, it’s important to also get skate pads and helmets included. Fortunately, SkateHut offer skate bundles which offer the whole package, so you can just click, buy and start shredding, but if you’re just looking for a few add-ons individually, we also offer a huge range for both kids and adults.

The most popular helmet for kids and adults is the matte black SkateHut helmet, because of it’s low price but ergonomic design which protects the full circumference of the head and adjustable straps to suit any head shape. What’s more, the simple design also means you can decorate it with your own stickers…which you can get from SkateHut as well!

Skate protection sale

Skateboard Tools

If you’re going for a skate session, then you’ll most likely need to make some adjustments while at the park or street spot and it’s never fun being caught out without a skateboard tool. These are unique for skateboarders, and you can’t just pick them up from any old hardware store. This is a multitool which is designed to service your board, tighten or loosen trucks and adjust or replace wheels so you can keep rippin’.

The humble skate tool is low cost but means that you can maintain your skateboard effectively to increase its lifespan and offer the confidence that you won’t have any nasty surprises. Nobody likes finding a mysterious rogue bearing or nut lying about!

Skateboard tools

Skateboard Bags

Lugging your skateboard around can be a bit of a drag…literally, especially when you’re travelling long distances or even going international, you crazy jetsetter you. That’s why the skateboard bag is an essential accessory, allowing you to strap your skateboard to the side so you can carry it with ease on your back and keep your hands free to throw up signs and high five your mates, because you’re such a genius for grabbing one of these.

The Enuff skateboard backpack comes with a decent volume and useful compartments so you can store your drinks, snacks, spare clothes and skateboard parts, such as wheels, trucks, bearings and griptape. Currently at £30, this is a great bag even if you don’t have a skateboard!

Skateboard bag

Skateboard Ramps and Rails

We recently did a vid on the best skateboard ramps and rails which you can easily carry around and place wherever you are, in whichever spot you choose to ride. The Rampage and Nitro Circus ramps are must-haves for getting that extra air and launching onto rails or curbs. They’re also perfect for beginners practicing to drop in, eventually moving onto bigger ramps and pipes.

Skateboard Wax

Speaking of grinds, if you want to get that extra distance then skateboard wax is a must-have especially for street skaters, allowing you to apply to curbs so you can get a smooth grind which your trucks will love too! Skateboard wax is very much a preference but always handy to have just in case, so pop one in your skateboard bag for either you or your mates.

So if you’re a beginner or intermediate skateboarder, don’t sleep on these accessories to make sure you continue to level up your game and riding confidence. Skateboarding doesn’t just end with the skateboard and as you progress, you’ll find lots of cool tools and accessories that will help you. Over time you’ll even discover your favourite brand, but whatever you choose, remember SkateHut is always here to help you!

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