Roller Disco - Everything You Need To Know


Welcome to the SkateHut Roller Disco Buying Guide. Our aim is to supply you with all the info needed before buying your first set of skates and equipment ready to strut your stuff at your local roller rink.


Roller Discos- A Retro Revival

In the 1970’s during the rise of the disco music era, roller discos rose in popularity at roller rinks across the US and became a pursuit that captivated people and popular culture throughout the 70’s and into the 80’s. Throughout the years many celebrities have shown the benefits and fun that roller skating offers including Stevie Nicks, Cher, Beyonce, Little Bow Wow, Elliot Page and many more.


Roller Disco Health Benefits

Roller Skating can be hard at first to pick up as it takes balance, core muscles and leg muscles to become comfortable skating however, skating is capable of working each muscle group burning approximately 500 calories every 60 mins.

Not only is roller skating a great way of burning calories but due to the muscle groups it utilises it’s an extremely effective method of toning too.


Buying Roller Disco Skates

When it comes to buying your first set of roller disco skates you want to ensure that the fit around your feet is comfortably snug without causing any hot spots where the boot rubs or areas where the foot feels numb like the toes or arch of the foot.

Your toes should be able to lightly touch at the front of the boot. During skating our feet tend to swell so allowing some minor room will ensure your toes won’t feel bunched up whilst still allowing room for our feet to expand.

The width of the skate boot should fit to stop rubbing and hot spots from too much movement within the boot.

Your heel should be well fitted in the boot to again stop both rubbing on the heel and for extra control when skating backwards.


The Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Wheels

Many customers often ask about which wheels are best to wear at the roller disco and which wheels would be best to wear outside at the local park. To help you find which wheels would be best for you it’s important to talk about the Durometer of the wheel which is the density of the wheel. Usually you’ll find outdoor roller skate wheels which are soft, very grippy and will roll over tiny stones without experiencing wheel bite around 78a or 82a. Wheels around this hardness can be used indoors but they may feel sluggish due to being soft on the hard floor and being very grippy. Wheels that are harder around 88a - 92a are usually a sweet spot for skaters who want indoor wheels that still have some grip to them yet being harder give more roll and speed. Wheels around 95a to 101a are a lot harder so will provide more speed and roll indoors. Due to the hardness you may also experience a slide when trying to turn at speed. Many experienced skaters learn to use or “ride” this slide in order to do different manoeuvres such as hockey stops, transitions or under pushing when doing crossovers.
When starting out, try grippy wheels to give you more traction whilst you are developing your balance.


Buying Roller Disco Pads

Wearing protective pads when attending roller discos is handy for beginners who are still working on their balance as falling on skates at first can be quite common.
In this next section we’ll outline some types of pads you can wear whilst learning.

Pad Sets - You can choose either a full pad set consisting of knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards or buy them each separately. Falling when skating is to be expected especially if you are new or returning to skating after a long break so where possible spending more on padding which will absorb multiple impacts and falls will result in your knees and joints thanking you in the long run.

Helmet - when outdoor skating a helmet can be extremely useful as street or park surfaces can be uneven and cause slips and trips. At the roller rink the floor will be flat and very smooth so it’s uncommon to see people skating wearing helmets however if your experience skating means you would feel more comfortable wearing one then by all means wear one.

Handy Tip: Make sure to take your kit out of your bag after skate sessions and fully air it out otherwise it will quickly start to smell. Also hand washing your pads every few months in cool water will keep them fresh and protect your velcro which can become softened and less tacky in a hot washing machine.



Buying Roller Disco Accessories

Other handy items to consider when putting together your Roller Disco kit include:

A kit bag that will allow you to keep your equipment and items together when travelling to skate sessions at roller rinks.

A water bottle to keep you hydrated during skate sessions.

A skate tool if you need to adjust your skates on the go, a pair of skates has different sized nuts from the wheel axle nuts to the king pin nut so having your own tools that are compatible with your skates will keep you skating.


Finding Your Nearest Roller Disco

If you are looking to find your nearest roller disco and start sessions then it’s best to check online, or social media in your area either for your nearest dedicated roller rink or roller disco that’s being held at sports facilities or function halls. Check for reviews and that the roller disco employs skate marshals who will ensure that people are skating safely during your session.