Pancake Day - Our Favourites

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Pancake Day - Our Favourites

We take a lot of things very seriously here at SkateHut and one of those things is food.

So this Pancake Day, we wanted to share with you some of our favourite toppings/fillings, in the hope that we can inspire the nation when it comes to enjoying Shrove Tuesday!

The Savouries:

Bacon –

Simple and because why not. All hail the Americans for teaming up bacon with pancakes, we salute you!

Cheese, spinach and egg –

We need to thank the French for this one! If you’re eggstra skilled, you can serve this as a crepe with the egg in the middle and the sides folded in.

Smoked salmon and cream cheese -

It’s great on a bagel, so why wouldn’t you use it as a tasty pancake filling?!

Cheddar, smoked ham, Dijon mustard and fresh tomato’s –

Another delicious French inspired option. Melty cheese, good quality smoked ham, a kick of mustard and some juicy tomato’s – all in all a great meal.

Center Parcs ‘Italian Feast’ –

Yes this is a pretty specific one, but it’s basically a pizza on a pancake and we are totally down with that. Oregano and basil flavoured pancake with pepperoni, meatballs, sun-blushed tomatoes and cheese. You can definitely give this a go at home!


The Sweets:

Maple syrup –

Another simple, but classic option. Don’t scrimp on your syrup either, get the best, pure Canadian sweet stuff you can find.


Nutella with crushed Ferrero rocher –

Pimp up the classic chocolaty option and make it extra nutty with a crunchy hit of Ferrero rocher.

Sugar and lemon juice –

Some would argue that this is THE pancake to have on Pancake Day. A perfect mix of sweet and sour and an ode to the olden days.

Chocolate spread, banana and vanilla ice cream –

The ultimate sweet treat to indulge on! This sundae inspired pancake is sure to be a winner in most households

Blueberries and maple syrup –

What an idea - squeeze in one of your 5 a day whilst still enjoying all of the great things about Pancake Day


Hopefully that’s given you some ideas and inspiration to go and create some amazing pancakes, whether you prefer a classic crepe, American or scotch – our favourite fillings work well on any chosen pancake style.

Enjoy and let us know about your favourite fillings!

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