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Rampage have been going from strength to strength throughout 2020. From their release of ramps and rails, which have been helping to keep people skating and scooting at home during lockdown, to their highly popular line of complete skateboards. Due to the high demand, we’re betting these will be at the top of many people’s Christmas lists this year!

Never ones to rest though, Rampage are back with their highly anticipated entry into the stunt scooter game with the Rampage R Series. Let’s take a deeper look at the new models in this series and show why you’ll want to be amongst the first to cop one!

Rampage R1 Mini Stunt Scooter

rampage r1 mini stunt scooter rampage r1 mini stunt scooter deck underside

The R1 Mini is a great starting point for younger or smaller beginners wanting a stunt scooter sized just for them! The dimensions of the R1 mini are perfect with a 4.3” x 17.5” deck and 18.9” handlebars. This model is suitable for younger riders who are looking for a scooter that can handle the streets, and the local park whilst they learn their first tricks! As for parts, this scooter comes fully equipped with an IHC fork, (that can take wheels up to 120mm in height) a double clamp and abec 7 bearings! The scooter will also score style points with the younger riders as it comes with glow in the dark wheels, and griptape adding both style and extra visibility.

Rampage R1 Stunt Scooter

rampage r1 stunt scooter rampage r1 stunt scooter deck underside

The R1 shares a lot in common with the mini except it’s sizing, instead with a 4.3” x 19.4” deck and 22.8” handlebars making this suitable for beginners who don’t need a mini scooter and also a great choice for the school run and regular commuting it also comes in two amazing colourways!

Rampage R2 Stunt Scooter

rampage r2 stunt scooter rampage r2 stunt scooter deck underside

The R2 is seriously impressive for its really small price tag. Suited and sized towards riders who are moving to an intermediate level stunt scooter the deck comes in at 4.7” x 19.4” and has 22.8” bars. The R2 also comes equipped with a slim integrated headset and 110mm alloy core wheels with abec 7 bearings for a smooth ride both for at the park and on the road. Lastly the R2 comes in both a neochrome and a black/ neochrome colourway which are really gonna turn heads! All of this included in a scooter for less than a hundred pounds is an absolute bargain so make sure to snatch one up!

Rampage R3 Stunt Scooter

rampage r3 stunt scooter rampage r3 stunt scooter deck underside

Last up, we have the R3 which is fully aimed at Intermediate to advanced riders looking for a workhorse set up for mastering harder tricks and techniques. The deck comes in at 4.7” x 19.4” but with added headtube cut out for reduced weight plus boxed ends. The IHC fork is a lightweight alloy too, and along with a sealed integrated headset and triple collar clamp. The wheels are an upgrade too, being 120mm tall alloy core wheels with abec 7 bearings for a premium roll! The scooter comes in a gorgeous black/ neochrome colourway with bottom deck graphics which really make the R3 stand out from the crowd!

The Rampage R series not only has great components at an affordable price but also has looks which are going to make everyone notice. Make sure you are in the know early, and make your next complete a Rampage.

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