New D-Street Summer Boards!

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New D-Street Summer Boards!

Summer is here and one of the best ways to get out and explore is with a longboard! D-Street has released their latest range which is ready to cop so let’s take you through a few of our top picks for the perfect set up to cruise around on.

D-Street Horizon Drop Through Complete Longboard

D-Street Horizon Longboard

Let’s start with the Horizon board which still gives you a great, stable ride as the drop-through trucks provide a lower centre of gravity. The board, being 37” long, will still give you plenty of deck space to carve on but being slightly stubbier will make it more transportable when you aren’t riding. The deck is 7 ply hard rock maple so will be robust but will have more flex for carving and also has 7” reverse kingpin trucks. The 65mm 83a high rebound wheels are super soft and will soak up the vibrations of riding a rougher surface for a really comfortable ride. The Horizon graphics really stand out with its gradual colour change which will really turn heads.

D-Street Ocean Pintail Complete Longboard

D-Street Ocean Pintail Longboard

The last of the new D-Street Longboards we are looking at is sure to be a popular option with longboard purists! The Ocean Pintail is a truly iconic shape and design with it’s bright, classic pinstripe detailing a throwback to longboarding’s true surf roots. Pintail boards are perhaps one of the easiest boards to start out on as they are built for stability and gently cruising and carving around town. With 7” trucks for excellent turning and carving, and 65mm, 83a durometer wheels for a really smooth ride, this is the perfect board to make the most of this summer on!

If you have any questions about what may be the best setup for your needs, don’t forget you can always speak to our customer service experts via our live chat function on our website. Or browse the full D-Street range here.

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