LMNADE Vibe Roller Skates - Brand New to SkateHut!

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LMNADE Vibe Roller Skates - Brand New to SkateHut!

Here at SkateHut we are always excited to stock the best new brands on the market and we cannot wait to tell you about the newest skates we’ve added to the collection - LMNADE Skates! This summer has seen a huge revival in people getting out to skate and from TikTok stars to Greggs using roller skaters for delivery couriers. Being on eight wheels is where it’s at!

Learning to skate is a fun activity either by yourself or with friends and also makes for an amazing form of cardio exercise burning up to 250 calories in 30 mins by doing just a leisurely skate, which is equal to jogging but with hardly the same impact onto your joints!

LMNADE Vibe Skates

LMNADE Vibe Roller Skates are a strong choice if you are looking for the perfect set of recreational roller skates. They come packed with features starting with their construction which is robust but also 100% vegan friendly. With the roller boot upper being Vinyl, and the inner of the boot being faux velvet, the boot feels very comfortable and luxurious without having to use animal by products! The boot is also a semi-soft design to enhance their comfort whilst skating for longer and they also feature a supportive heel counter and lace strap to keep your feet supported and in the ideal skating position!

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The skates plate is made out of high impact nylon for durability, whilst also being lightweight and come fitted with 54mm wheels which are perfect for both skating outdoors and indoors for versatility! The skates also come with a colour co-ordinated rubber front stopper to help you slow down.

With their strong yet comfortable construction and lightweight frame, they are perfect for people who are looking to get into skating for the first time and for people wanting to get outdoors and skate their local parks or indoors at their local rink or roller disco! If you are more experienced and want a spare set of skates to keep in the car or a bag for recreational skating then again LMNADE Skates would meet your needs and have you rolling in style!

The skates currently come in four colourways each extremely pleasing in differing pastel shades which will look amazing throughout the year and their sizing starts from a Junior 11 all the way to a Size 6 so these skates are suitable for younger skaters all the way to adults!

With Autumn looking to be very mild this year why not learn a new skill and look good doing it! Don’t forget we fully recommend to wear protection pads, even if you're a pro!

How to start skating

For great videos on beginner skating tips, check out our handy YouTube Videos. Learn how to skate forwards, how to stop and how to skate backwards right here:

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