Is there an age limit on Heelys?

In this article we are going to answer the question, is there an age limit on Heelys? In other words, at what age should people stop wearing Heelys? The answer to this question is never! Heelys are for everyone and there is no age limit when it comes to wearing a pair.

Although kids can start wearing Heelys around the age of 4 years old, the style has been heavily adopted by adults of all ages too. Heelys has collaborated with a range of brands, such as Reebok, MTV, Beavies & Butt-Head and even the Harlem Globetrotters which has made these iconic bad boys increasingly popular amongst grown ups of all ages. Here at SkateHut, we have a range of Heelys for adults available in a variety of designs to keep you rolling in style. For a classic but tasty look, check out our Heelys x Chupa Chups which recently came in. If it's more of a strikingly simple look you are going for, check out our black-on-red Heelys X2 Fresh or Heelys Pro 20 sneakers. For more of a sporty design, you can’t go wrong with our Heelys Nitro sneakers which come in a couple of eye-catching colourways or even a pair of iconic Reebok Heelys.

Adult Heelys promo 2018

Ultimately, there is certainly no age restriction when it comes to having fun and rocking Heelys; be sure to take a look at our Heelys for adults so that you can buy the perfect style for you.