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Helmet Fit Guide

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Helmet Fit Guide


How to Measure Your Head for Helmet

Nice and simple – get a fabric measuring tape, place it about an inch above the eyebrows and wrap it around the head. It’s much easier to get someone to do this for you!

Each brand of helmet has its own shape and size, so whilst you may be a small, medium or large in one brand, it does not necessarily mean that you will be the same size under a different brand.

Dos and Don'ts

Whilst a helmet should always fit snug, it should never be too tight. If you can feel pressure on your temples whilst wearing the helmet, then it is too tight. Helmets that are too tight can become uncomfortable after extended periods of wearing them, and if a helmet is uncomfortable, you’re less likely to want to wear it.

If the helmet wobbles around when you move your head, then it is too loose. The correct fit should hug your head the whole way around, and should not wobble or come loose when you move.

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Remember that a lot of helmets come with two sets of pads – a thicker set and a thinner set – so if it doesn’t fit quite right, try swapping the pads over rather than changing helmet.

A good test of fit is to lean forward with the helmet on your head with the strap undone – if it’s a good fit, the helmet should stick to your head and not fall off (be ready to catch it though just in case).

To make sure the helmet is sitting correctly on your head, you should ensure that the toggles (where the two top ends of the straps meet) both sit directly below your earlobes, as shown below. This means that the helmet is positioned correctly, and is not placed too far back or too forward.

The strap of the helmet also needs to be secured correctly. When the strap is fastened, you should be able to fit two fingers in between your chin and the strap, as pictured. If you cannot do this, then the strap is too tight and is likely to be very uncomfortable as well as unsafe.

A strap that is too tight will also restrict movement when looking side to side and will rub on your neck! If you have more room than two fingers, then the strap is too loose and can allow for the helmet to become dislodged whilst riding.

You should NEVER ride around with your strap undone. Your helmet could easily slip too far forward or back if it is not secured properly, or could even come off whilst you fall! You should NEVER be able to lift your helmet off your head like this!

That can lead to situations like the photo below, which is not only extremely uncomfortable but will also not offer much protection if you fall. This could also result in the helmet slipping over your eyes.

A helmet should always be secured properly before you start riding, so as to not distract your concentration, visibility or position whilst riding.

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You should NEVER cut corners when buying a helmet! It’s always best to make sure you get the correct fit. The best way to do this is to measure your head, get the correct size and try a few different fits to find the best one for you. Come into one of the SkateHut stores, try a few out and make sure you’ve got the best helmet for you!

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