Go Skateboarding Day 2021

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Go Skateboarding Day 2021

Our Favourite Day Of The Year Is Finally Here!

Go Skateboarding Day is held on 21st June every year and it is an annual day celebration of skateboarding where skaters are encouraged to go out, get skateboarding have fun!

The very first official Go Skateboarding Day was in 2004 and it was held in the unofficial skateboarding capital of the world - California. Over the years it has grown to become much more than a few simple skate sessions and barbecues. Go Skateboarding Day has now played host to some massive events around the globe, all in celebration of our favourite sport. Massive meet-ups in cities around the world such as New York, LA, Barcelona and London are organised, bringing pros and amateurs together to go and put it down at their favourite spots.

Roxy Howlett skating South England

To celebrate this year, we encourage you take your board out to the nearest skatepark and go crazy! Or celebrate by getting a new board, or some new skateboard parts to improve your current set up.

Happy Skateboarding!

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