Boosted Rev Electric Scooter – Available in the UK

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Boosted Rev Electric Scooter – Available in the UK

Nicknamed by some, the Tesla of electric scooters

Electric scooters are very popular these days. If you’re thinking of getting one for yourself, you may want to review one of the newest models we have available for pre-order in our online store. Recently deemed 'the Tesla of electric scooters' by tech reviewer Marques Brownlee, the Boosted Rev is the first Boosted e-scooter released into the market. Yes, Boosted have now thrown their hat into the electric scooter ring and have released the Boosted Rev. As one of the first retailers to stock Boosted Rev in the UK, we’re going to give you the run down of this exceptional scooter that is now available to buy.

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Although the Boosted brand is well known for enticing, orange-wheeled electric skateboards, they have recently taken the opportunity to expand their product offering. The Boosted Rev is a premium-level last-mile product much like its electric longboard siblings the Boosted Stealth, and the Boosted Mini X. It works with the Boosted iOS and Android apps and it can be easily stowed away once folded.

Boosted Rev Specs

Internal Features

  • • Dual motors – one at each wheel

  • • 22 mile range

  • • Top speed 24mph

  • • Charge time 3 hrs

  • • Roughly 20.8kg in weight

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Design Features

  • • Matte black finish with a few grey stand out features

  • • Headlight and rear brake light

  • • Made from high quality materials

  • • 9 inch wheels

  • • LCD screen for all settings

  • • Quiet motor


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