Blunt Scooters: AOS Limited Edition Decks

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Blunt Scooters: AOS Limited Edition Decks

Designed By Riders, For Riders!

Blunt Envy is one of our best selling scooter brands here at SkateHut. They are also our brand of the month for March! To celebrate, we’re going to take a closer look at their Limited Edition Ace of Spades decks!

As a well-known, trusted scooter brand, they believe that every rider should be able to afford the best quality parts to push their riding to the next level!

Blunt Envy Signature Riders

With the creation of the AOS Limited Edition Decks, Blunt gave a number of professional riders, currently killing the game, free reign to design a deck to their specification. After years of riding and building a reputation in the sport, they were awarded with the opportunity to customise their very own deck. Not only has this given them an opportunity to excel in their own style of riding, but it has given other up and coming riders, a chance to excel in the very same styles they have been inspired by.

Let’s take a look at these limited-edition masterful decks!

Didine Signature Deck


The latest version of the Ace of Spades deck is the AOSV4 LTD with Blunt rider Didine Terchague attaining his well-earned sig deck at the start of 2019. Didine extends the already compelling list of signature riders: Flavio Pesenti, Charles Padel, Warick Beynon, Raymond Warner and Jon Reyes.

Why did you choose these dimensions for the AOSV4 LTD?

"I chose to have a long and wide deck because I wanted to have a lot of foot space, so I would feel more comfortable riding. I especially like this wider deck for the rails, I find its really stable when you grind or slide on ledges and rails. I also feel like my riding flows more on my scoot when I’m cruising."

What is the significance of your signature deck graphics?

"I wanted the design to represent how I ride street. When I’m riding street, I don’t know if the rail will beat me or if I will win the spot. I also like the snake because they attack their prey fast and that’s how I like to ride street spots, hard and fast. I chose black because I prefer the clean stealth look."

Flavio Signature Deck


Why did you choose these dimensions for the AOSV4 LTD?

"I like riding a longer deck so I can get more pop out of bunny hops and with length comes greater stability. For width I prefer an intermediate size because I like to be stable on rails, but I also want a reactive and responsive deck."

What is the significance of your signature deck graphics?

"Regarding graphics, my first AOSV4 Deck was half black and half grey. The black represented the bad things of my life and the reaper was holding a chain with my father’s initials on it. The grey part represented the things that made me enjoy my life such as my family, friends and my city which mean a lot to me. The graphic of the reaper reminds me to really put my life on it while riding but also reminds where of come from and how it’s made me arrive where I am today. For my latest AOSV4LTD I chose gold colours because I wanted to have fun and get that real bling bling style. I love my promodel parts and greatly appreciate blunt allowing to put my soul onto scooter parts."

Charles Padel Signature Deck

Charles Padel

Why did you choose these dimensions for the AOSV4 LTD?

"My last4 AOS signatures decks have grown up with me, with each model getting slightly bigger and bigger. My latest signature deck, the AOSv4 LTD, is perfect for my style of riding a sit's not too big or too small, so I can ride it everywhere! Maybe my next deck will be bigger." ;)

What is the significance of your signature deck graphics?

"I wanted my deck to have a clean style and use my sentence DNWTF (Don’t Need Wings To Fly) for the graphic which I’ve had for years. For the curious ones who don't know it, in french, my name Padel means "no wings". I also I really love to go high on quarter pipes or transfers, so Don't Need Wings To Fly is like a play on words and is representative of my riding style."

Warick Beyon Signature Deck


Why did you choose these dimensions for the AOSV4 LTD?

"Choosing the specific dimensions of your signature deck is hard, especially when you want the rider to have as much fun on it as you do! I chose the dimensions 4.9 wide x 21 long because it was slightly bigger than my original AOSv4 but still small enough for shredders if all sizes & ages to have fun on it."

What is the significance of your signature deck graphics?

"The bandana graphic originated from my old tradition of wrapping my bars in bandanas & other crazy patterned fabrics! My original AOSv4 was teal because it’s my favourite colour, but for the limited edition decks I decided to keep it monotone so that it would look good with any colour combo & that’s how we came up with silver!"

Raymond Warner Signature Deck

Raymond Warner

Why did you choose these dimensions for the AOSV4 LTD?

"The reason I ride my signature deck size which is 4.75” wide x 20.25” long is because I do so many tail whip combinations. Having a smaller deck size makes it a lot easier on myself to get the deck around. I’ve tried doing six-whips with decks that are 5” wide x 21” long and the difficulty difference is astonishing. Therefore, I’ll be sticking with the smaller deck sizes for a while!"

What is the significance of your signature deck graphics?

"My signature deck graphic to many is just a photo of an old car with a personalized license plate underneath a bible verse with a bunch of pin striping around it. Although, the meaning behind it is quite complex if I do say so myself. The car on the deck is a 1970 Pontiac GTO which is my first car who I named “Bertha”. I have had the car since I was 18 years old and I have cherished it since the first day I got it. The license plate reads “GTLI22” which translates to “Got To Love It 22”. ‘Got to love it’ is a saying that I have said, and it was something that was a part of the Scooter Zone family which I was a part of for so long. As for the Bible verse, I have always had a verse on my signature parts that are able to have a decent amount of lettering. The prayer reads “I can do all things through him who strengthens me” which is Philippians 4:13. I’ve lived by this prayer for as long as I can remember so I figured it would fit perfectly on something with my name on it. As for the blue colour, blue is my favourite colour brainer."

Jon Reyes Signature Deck

Jon Reyes

Why did you choose these dimensions for the AOSV4 LTD?

"20.5x4.7 is the perfect middle size. Small enough to sneak in some last second combos, long enough to keep you stable and balanced. Oil slick was my solution forwanting so many different colours on one deck. I could not decide a colour that would go with everything, so I decided to choose a colour that has everything!"

What is the significance of your signature deck graphics?

"The graphic on the bottom resembles life. The world around you can be torn, destroyed, and could put you in the deepest corner. The rose symbolizes chance, the chances and choices we all have to grow and get through anything. No matter how hard something can be, there is always a way."

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