BERG Go Karts - New to SkateHut

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BERG Go Karts - New to SkateHut

Ride-on Kids Toys

With over 30 years of experience in their field, BERG are a leading name when it comes to outdoor toys.

Combining functional Dutch design with innovative new technology, Berg have created a catalogue of products that are not only fun for kids of all ages, but also safe for them to use. Berg products are also environmentally friendly!

BERG build pedal go-karts for every age, all with their own unique design and features, making each one more fun than the last. Collaborating with brand names like Jeep, BMW and John Deere over the years, BERG karts feel like you’re driving the real thing!

We’ve made a rundown of our favourite BERG pedal karts to help you decide!

BERG Buddy B Ride On - Orange

BERG Buddy B Orange

Designed for children between the ages of 3-8 years, the Buddy B Ride On grows with your child thanks to it’s adjustable steering wheel and seat features. Easy to manoeuvre and pedal, your child will be whizzing around on the Buddy B in no time!

BERG Buzzy Nitro 2-in-1

BERG Buzzy Nitro

The BERG Buzzy works as both as push car or a go-kart, meaning the parent can control it using the removable push bar if their child is tired, or not yet confident enough to ride it independently. Also designed with an adjustable steering wheel and saddle, the Buzzy is suitable for children aged 2-5 years.

BERG Buzzy Bloom 2-in-1

BERG Buzzy Bloom

The BERG Buzzy Nitro is also available as the Buzzy Bloom, which features a lovely floral colourway and handy basket!

BERG Choppy Neo Ride On

BERG Choppy Neo

BERG have took it up a notch with the Choppy Neo Ride On. Featuring a 3-wheel design and off-road tyres, the Choppy Neo offers a versatile ride, so the fun never stops, no matter where you are. The BFR system also allows for easy riding, braking and reversing. Recommended for ages 3-8 years!

BERG Go2 Sparx Ride On

BERG Go2 Sparx

The Go2 Sparx Ride On is the baby of the BERG range. Designed for children of 10-30 months, this mini kart can be either pushed or pedalled thanks to its fold-away pedals. With Silent Whisper Tyes, the Go2 Sparx is super quiet to use and features a non-slip saddle, to help prevent any unnecessary accidents. Not only is this kart super fun, it helps develop physical and cognitive abilities!

BERG Go2 Ride On Pink


Similar to the Go2 Sparx, the Go2 Ride On features 2-1 technology which allows it to be either pushed or pedalled. Thanks to its ergonomic design, little riders won’t catch their feet on either the tucked away pedals or rear wheels, making it safe for them to rider as they explore their environments on it. We’re big fans of the pastel colourways on the Go2 Ride On!

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