Segbo Hoverboards - NEW IN!

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Segbo Hoverboards - NEW IN!

The Latest 2020 Models

Ever since hoverboards hit the streets back in 2015 they have generated a craze that gains momentum year after year. This upcoming festive season looks to be the best one yet for the humble motor-powered board. From viral videos to outside your door you’ll have no doubt seen what hoverboards are capable of. Using internal motors for each wheel and gyroscopes to determine if the board is tilting and then compensate to keep the foot platforms level, hoverboarding can be picked up easily by people of all ages.

Segbo have been at the forefront of the hoverboard market since the beginning. They know their stuff when it comes to rideable electronics, so we are very happy to see the latest Segbo Hoverboards for 2020. The new boards have a host of new features that will no doubt make them very sought after, so let’s take you through them and show why Segbo needs to be at the top of your Christmas List!

Segbo G1 Pro

Segbo G1 Pro Hoverboard Black Segbo G1 Pro Hoverboard Gold
segbo g1 pro hoverboard hip hop segbo g1 pro hoverboard pink

This 6.5” hoverboard may be the smaller of the two models but do not be fooled, each wheel is powered by a 250w silent motor which is capable of carrying riders around at speeds up to 10 - 12 miles per hour! These motors can deliver some impressive results and can even climb inclines of up to 15% whilst carrying riders weighing up to 120kg (18.9 stone)

Not only are these hoverboards tough but they have the battery power to keep you out riding and enjoying yourself for longer too! Powered by a trusty Samsung lithium-ion battery you can ride for up to 2 hours and charging times have been reduced now to just 3 hours. Also the G1 Pro is a solid mixture of power and creature comforts, with 5.0 Bluetooth technology you can play your latest bops whilst speeding along and with eleven colourways to choose from including chrome colours you can express your style at the same time!

Segbo G2 Pro Hummer

segbo g2 pro hummer hoverboard camo segbo g2 pro hummer hoverboard black
segbo g2 pro hummer hoverboard hip hop segbo g2 pro hummer hoverboard graffiti

Now to the beast that is the Pro Hummer 8.5” hoverboard, take your adventures to the next level! This extreme hoverboard has mighty 8.5 tyres tricked out with a heavy-duty tyre tread to make easy work of rougher terrain. Both wheels are powered by 350w motors to give you a smooth cruising speed of up to 10 miles per hour and the ability to cover a distance of up to 12 miles or 2 hours ride time! Even though it’s a bigger hoverboard it can still handle inclines of 15% with ease and carry riders up to 130kg. The Pro Hummer is also fitted with 5.0 bluetooth capability so you can play your tunes whilst roaming about and is available in four colourways!

So with Christmas around the corner, it’s best not to delay and speed on over to our Hoverboards section. Get yours before they are gone!

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