How To - Replacing Bearings in Skateboard Wheels

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How To - Replacing Bearings in Skateboard Wheels

Note: This method of removing bearings only works for Skateboard Wheels. Due to Scooter wheels being made from metal, removing bearings from scooter wheels is likely to damage the bearing.

When it comes to setting up skateboards, replacing bearings in wheels is quite possibly the trickiest, fiddliest part of the process. Most people opt to not do this – often just buying new bearings along with new wheels, however for those who fancy saving themselves that extra bit of cash, or just can’t bring themselves to part ways with their broken-in bearings – there is a way.

1. Remove the wheel from the axle

2. Get a strong, long, thin item. A screwdriver or Allen key is generally the best item to use, as this provides a lot of leverage. The axle of the truck itself can be used, however this can potentially damage the axle, and may not provide enough leverage.

Wheel Side by Side

3. Place the end of the item between the two bearings, just in the centre.

4. Force the item down, gently levering the bearing out of its position.

5. The bearing should slowly be removed and come out of the wheel.

6. Repeat for other side of wheel.

Generally speaking, the longer the bearing has been in the wheel the harder it will be to remove, as it has become more settled. Some will be easier than others to remove, and some will take a lot more force. If a bearing becomes lodged at a certain angle, it may be worth trying to lever it from different angles, or by forcing the bearing back into its original place, and starting again.

Placing new bearings into wheels

To get the new bearings into the wheel, follow the same process that you usually would to set a bearing into a wheel.

1. Place bearing on top of cut-out in wheel.

2. Firmly press the bearing down, into the wheel. This is best done using a hard flat surface.

3. Repeat for each side.

Bearings in Wheel

4. Tighten wheel onto truck axle with truck nut, setting bearings firmly in place in the wheel.

5. Ensure truck nut is tightened correctly, allowing the wheel to spin freely, with no play between the hanger and nut. 

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