Crisp Blaster Review

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Crisp Blaster Review

Crisp have always focused on taking stunt scooters to the next level with their innovative designs but have often aimed at older, more experienced riders. With their new Blaster scooter, Crisp have taken their tried and tested technology and adapted it for younger riders, creating their first entry-level scooter.


Focused on beginners, the Blaster carries a low price tag, coming in at £89.95.

The deck has been made 18.9” long and 4.5” wide, the perfect dimensions for younger riders. Keeping the deck short will help with learning tricks while the width of the deck makes it nice to catch and very stable. As well as this, the deck features a concave triple channel and a double D downtube with a flat bottom and sides, adding extra strength and making it slide smoothly over copings.

The new and improved tapered T-Bars come in at 19.7” wide and 21.25” high, again perfect for the younger rider. Narrower bars allow for smaller riders to have more control and when coupled with the lower bar height are well designed for learning essential tricks. The tapering process also makes this bar very strong and resistant to impact damage as well as providing the bars look and shape.

In addition, the Blaster comes stock with a high tensile fork, double clamp, HIC headset and compression, Crisp 100mm super high rebound alloy core wheels and an SST spring less brake, all weighing in at only 3.8kg.

How it rides:

The Crisp Blaster is well designed for the younger rider and is the perfect way to introduce them to the skatepark. The wheels allow for enough speed to throw basic tricks and the durability of the parts enable it to withstand the inevitable beatings that it will receive from a rider in training.

The Blasters tech specs have been previously designed for more elite scooters which gives this its edge, and makes it for perfect for any beginner looking to pick up a fresh scooter. The headset allows the tapered bar and high tensile fork to rotate with ease while the HIC compression and clamp do their jobs extremely well, making this scooter feel solid to ride.


As a scooter designed for entry level riders, I feel that the Blaster performs very well and is the ideal place for younger riders to start. With the parts and technical specs being designed for higher end scooters, the price of £89.95 is low and Crisp have managed to produce an excellent budget scooter.

– Ben Wilkinson

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