5 Best Electric Skateboards of 2019

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5 Best Electric Skateboards of 2019

At SkateHut we often get so many questions through to our shops, and our online support team about electric skateboards and longboards. Generally electric boards are relatively new, and their popularity is steadily growing. In fact, a lot of wheeled sport aficionados are getting well into electric boards! Naturally when it comes to making a purchase decision, you'll want to make sure you get the right product that suits you.

To help you out, we're going to get a closer look at, what we deem to be, the best electric skateboards of 2019. Breaking down the key differences between the top three boards will hopefully give you a good idea, of what will suit you best. To get your dream fit, read the breakdown below of our top 5 electric skateboards for 2019.

Boosted Boards

1. Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

Boosted stealth electric skateboard

After the founders of this premium brand presented the idea at a TED talk, a highly successful Kickstarter campaign was born. Now this brand is one of the most popular premium last-mile transportantion brands in the world. If you’re used to a lengthy longboard then the Boosted Stealth may be exactly what you're looking for. With a deck length of  38" by 11.3", it provides great stability when hitting those top speeds. The signature boosted flex and board feel, allows the board to perform great while going into deep carves. The Stealth has a top speed of 24mph and a standard range of 14 miles. The ability to climb up to a 25% gradient is also particularly impressive, and the recharge time is less than two hours!! Not taking too much time away from your riding at all.

2. Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

boosted mini x electric skateboard

The current range of Boosted boards is very varied in terms of size, battery life and speed capabilities. The most popular of the current range is the Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard. The key feature of this board is its portability. The board measures 29.5” in length and 11” in width which makes it easy to carry around, whilst still having enough room for stability when riding.

Although small this board still packs a mighty punch in regards to performance. The Mini X has an impressive top speed of 20mph and an extended range of approximately 14miles. Additionally, it has the ability to navigate hill inclines of up to 20% (11.3degrees).


3. Evolve GTR Carbon All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Evolve GTR Carbon All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Evolve is an Australian company based in Gold Coast. Over the past few years their innovation team have really took the idea of combining electric with longboarding and all terrain travel with their 7” all terrain wheels. Evolve also offers multiple deck material choices with a blend of 7ply Canadian maple and 2ply bamboo or carbon.

The brand new Evolve GTR Carbon All Terrain Electric Skateboard is one of the brand’s latest releases. It features some impressive powerful stats with a top speed of 22mph and a range of 18 miles. The GTR is built for taking electric riding to the absolute extreme! With a deck comprised of 100% carbon fiber the GTR gives amazing board flex and feel. The 7" air pressured tyres suitably soak up ground feedback for a smooth ride. From flat smooth surfaces to navigating on grassier or rougher terrain – these tyres don’t disappoint. The deck is 39" inches in length and 12" wide providing an impressive amount of room for your feet to bed whilst carving.


Exway X1 Pro Riot Electric Skateboard

Exway's "Born for freedom" goal is to encourage urban users to get out there and explore, with the freedom provided by electric skateboards. This is what pushes the company to constantly innovate its products. The Exway X1 Pro Riot Electric Skateboard is a clear example of this innovation. It has the ability to travel up to speeds of 29mph and travel range of 16 miles. This electric board provides a great deck size for stability at 36.8" in length and 10.6" in width - board feel is definitely something this board boasts in. After a 70 min charge time the board is ready to go so you can spend more time riding, less time charging!

Slick Revolution

5. Slick Revolution Flex-E 2.0 Maple

Slick Revolution Flex-E Rough Stuff Wheels

Slick Revolution is a British company based in Southampton that has an exciting range of boards on the market, in both carbon and maple materials. The wonderful key feature of owning Slick Revolution boards is the ability you have to switch from slick to rough stuff wheels – 110mm tall and 85a rated urethane. Travelling over gravel and grit with these rough stuff wheels is easy peasy.

One of the most popular models currently is the the Slick Revolution Flex E 2.0 Maple Rough Stuff. This board combines the maple natural board feel with the freedom to go from smooth flat surfaces to rougher surfaces. The deck length, 36" by 10.6", provides excellent board feel and stability. With a top speed of 27mph and an extended range of 19 miles, this board has one of the highest speeds on the market. If you're a first time shopper however, don't let the speed put you off. This board comes with three speed and brake modes to allow you to gradually build up your riding abilities.

The Roundup

Each of these electric skateboard models can offer you something different. Whilst the SR Flex-E Maple board benefits from being one of the more powerful boards, it can’t really hold a torch to the portability of the Mini X or the versatility of the Evolve GTR.

If you have any questions or need any advice on getting an electric skateboard, feel free to contact our customer service team at, or call us on 0121 501 1111.

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