SkateHut Custom Skateboard Builder


Custom Skateboard Builder | Build your OWN Skateboard

Our custom Skateboard Builder will allow you to create your very own dream skateboard exactly how you want it! 

In terms of using the actual skateboard builder, it is very user-friendly and simple to use. All you need to do is work your way through the skateboard accessories one by one, selecting the exact part you require, adding the item and then moving on to the next.


  • Build your way through all of the parts, choose what you want your dream skateboard to be made of, have our expert builders build and assemble your unique creation, for only £4.99!
  • We have a range of decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape and truck bolts in stock from a range of market-leading brands so that you can create your own personalised skateboard for a unique skating experience. Make use of parts from top brands such as Rampage, Enuff, Foundation, CORE, RIPNDIP and more! 
  • Our personalised skateboard builder works in such a way that the parts that you choose will all fit and build together for a perfect, efficient custom complete. Also, if you have a change of heart when designing your custom, you can always change your choice of parts whilst choosing. 

Key skateboard components and what you’ll need to consider when building your custom skateboard:

Custom Skateboard Decks

Thinner decks tend to be a popular choice amongst younger riders and beginners. This is because thinner decks tend to be easier to control for those with smaller frames. Wider decks tend to allow for greater balance and stability, both of which are essential when maintaining your composure after executing a trick. 

Customise Skateboard Wheels

When it comes to selecting your wheels, size is important! Larger wheels are more suited to vert/ramp skating; wheels larger than 60mm are usually reserved for carving and cruising. Wheels that are 54mm or under are much better suited to street skating. The size of the wheels will also affect which trucks fit the build,If you go over 54mm, you'll need high trucks or riser pads.

Personalise Skateboard Trucks

The builder will ensure that the trucks which you can select will fit with your complete set-up. When choosing your trucks, the key components on the truck which you’ll want to consider are the baseplate, kingpin, hanger, axle and bushings. You can read more about how best to choose your skateboard trucks in our article here.


Bespoke Skateboard Bearings 

Bearings are marked with an ABEC rating. The higher the ABEC rating, the more accurate and precise the bearing will be. Bearings are all about keeping your skateboard rolling smoothly and efficiently, so it is absolutely essential that, no matter which bearings you choose, it is essential that you clean it often and keep it lubricated for an outstanding riding experience. 

Build your own epic skateboard right now using our Custom Skateboard Builder right now!