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We invite you to explore the world of scooter excellence, tailored specifically for the dynamic world of skateparks. This webpage, ladies and gentlemen of all ages, is the home to the best park stunt scooters in the world. If you want to head down to the skatepark and show off your amazing setup that you are about to purchase, along with your skills and technique, then you have come to the right place. Equally, if you are a beginner rider and want to kick off your scooter journey on the right foot, then you will find a solid winner right here and you will be shredding hard in all of the skateparks near you in no time at all. Dive into the excitement right now and take your action sports hobby to the next level.

Park Stunt Scooters FAQs

  • Are park scooters suitable for beginners?

    For beginners eager to get stuck into their scooter riding experience, there is no better way to start than by setting yourself a hardcore challenge by by jumping right into the skateparks with a hot new complete park scooter. With the appropriate park stunt scooter, you will be able to head over to the parks and test the waters with hardcore scooter riding. When you first head down, you will look at that tricky ramp and wonder how you’ll eventually take it on, but you will be equipped with a high-performance setup that will help you get closer to taking it on with every attempt. One of the best ways for beginners to progress is to get their hands on a park scooter and diving right into the skate parks. 

  • What type of grips is best for park scooters?

    Rubber and TPR (Thermoplastic Rubbers) are often popular choices for park scooter riders and this is simply because the rubber scooter grips offers a comfortable feel that allows riders to really take hold of the grips, whilst TPR grips are robust, but they also offer amazing shock absorption properties too. Comfort, shock absorption and durability are key things to consider when selecting your scooter grips. With regards to aesthetics and design, grips with a ribbed or textured pattern allows for enhances traction which reduces the risk of slipping, another key consideration. The last thing you want is to be landing that awesome trick, but not being able to execute it, or worse, injuring yourself due to falling off.

  • What makes a park scooter suitable for skate park riding?

    There’s a fair few things that make a park stunt scooter suitable for skate park riding. First of all, the concave shape of the scooter decks generally allows for better foot control and aids in stability during all sorts of movements. Skatepark surfaces are generally smoother and riders typically crave quicker speeds and responsiveness. Harder wheels perform exceptionally on smoother surfaces and are a good choice for riders who have a need for speed. Park scooters also tend to have taller scooter handlebars offer riders a more upright stance which gives them more control as they hit those high speeds.

  • Can I customise a park scooter?

    Most park scooters have been designed with standard specifications that allow for compatibility with various aftermarket parts and accessories. These standard specs means that most parts can be used alongside many others and compatibility, for the most part, will not be a problem. When it comes to upgrading and customising your park scooter, the world is your oyster. You can customise your scooter handlebars, decks, wheels, compression systems, brakes and so much more to build your dream setup.