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What Is The Difference Between A Skateboard And A Longboard?

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What Is The Difference Between A Skateboard And A Longboard?

2020 didn’t have many highlights but something that took us all by surprise at SkateHut, was the rise in popularity of skateboarding. Both children and adults were getting into boarding for the first time or returning to the hobby after a long hiatus. It was amazing to interact with and hear about so many skaters who skated back in the 90’s, deciding to bring their joints and ankles out of retirement and get back on the board.

At the same time, many people were also getting into longboarding and cruising. Two of the major questions we received were “what is the difference between the two?” and “isn’t it the same thing?” A plank of wood, two trucks, four wheels, eight bearings and yet the experience and application of the two couldn’t be more different, both in beautiful ways.

So we’re gonna break it down simply so you can make a more informed decision when picking up your first board. A question you should ask yourself is “do I want to get into tricks or do I just want to ride around?”. Whilst you can absolutely do both tricks and ride on skateboards, longboards and cruisers the experience is totally different due to the wheels and their size and softness and the boards shape and length.

Difference in Skateboard and Longboard Wheels

skateboard and longboardwheels attached to trucks

The major difference between skateboard wheels and longboard wheels is the size and durometer. Typical skateboard wheel sizes are between 50mm and 56mm in height and usually their durometer (wheel urethane density) is harder which allows them to roll better on smoother surfaces that you’d find outside and at the park - concrete, wood etc. Longboard and cruiser wheels in comparison, are much larger and wider between 60mm and 80mm which allows them to reach much faster speeds when rolling and bombing down hills. The durometer for longboard wheels is typically a lot softer to soak up the vibrations of the road at greater speed for a steadier ride.

To learn more about wheels, visit our skateboard wheels buying guide.

Difference in Skateboard and Longboard Deck

skateboard next to longboard - concrete background

A typical skateboard is 31 inches long and widths vary usually between 7” and 8.5”. As described by the Godfather of skateboarding Rodney Mullen, “skateboarding is a puzzle”, so with it’s two kick tales and a mellow concave, a skateboard can be manipulated to pull off a number of tricks which even to this day is constantly being expanded. A longboard in comparison is longer, wider and the wheelbase between the trucks is much longer than a skateboard which makes for a more stable ride. Have no doubt about it, longboards are capable of going super fast and the additional room allows riders to distribute their weight better. A comfortable and balanced stance is crucial when going fast but for everyday riding having that extra room allows for a much more mellow experience when simply riding from point a to b.

So when picking a board keep these things in mind, what type of riding are you wanting to do? There’s a board and shape out there that is perfect for you and our expert customer service team are on hand to help you find yours. Call us on 0121 501 1111. Happy & safe riding!

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