We’re Getting Stoked for Euros 2024

With the biggest sporting event outside of the World Cup, like with everyone else up and down the country, we can’t wait for the Euros to kick off this weekend (pun intended). As football fever takes over the streets and parks this summer, we’re getting stocked up on footballs, goals and loads more sporting equipment to make sure that when you’re not supporting the teams, you’ll be smacking the back of the net with your friends and family. Yes! SkateHut aren’t only the UK’s biggest retailer for outdoor action sports, but also loads of other sports too! So let’s get our boots on and check out some must-haves for the garden and park this Summer.

Bazooka Goal

As one of our most popular brands outside of skating and scootering, Bazooka Goal offer a great range of pop-up goals, which are sturdy and reliable. This range comes in various colours and sizes with the smaller 120x75cm, 150x90cm to the Extra XL 180cmx90cm. These have been a very popular choice for the home garden, with it’s superb, easy-to-set-up design but is also used by the world's leading professional clubs like Liverpool, Real Madrid, Manchester United and many more in their daily training-sessions at the Academies and Soccer Schools.

Quality-conscious coaches pick the Bazooka Goal for their teams for lots of reasons. First off, the solid frame is made from top-notch composite material, so it’s super durable and lasts a long time. Plus, it’s got this cool patented spring-coil flex system that lets the goal flex on impact, so you don’t have to bother with ground pegs. So, make sure you bag one for this summer because stock is limited…it’s almost exclusive!

Bazooka Goal Set

Sunsport Football Rebounder

If you’re looking to improve your foot coordination and volleys, then Sunsport Football Rebounder is a great solution for when you don’t want the kids smacking the football into the side of the fence! So this is great news for all the parents who have just finished repairing that football sized hole!

The football rebounder is super easy to set up and take down, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor training. It's lightweight, so you can easily carry it to your garden, playing field, school, or practice. The net is 124 x 124cm, comes with ground pegs, and has a sturdy 25mm metal frame. Designed to boost players' reaction time and coordination, it creates unpredictable bounces that mimic real game situations. This helps players get better at quick thinking, spatial awareness, and precise ball control on the field.


What does Spikeball have to do with Football!?” I hear you cry. This is a fun and fast-paced game that's a bit like a mix of volleyball and four square. It’s played with a small, round net placed at ankle level, and a small, bouncy ball. Spikeball is actually a game used a lot in football training to improve coordination and agility, so when you’re tired of using your feet to smack a ball around, you can use your hands instead!

Not only is this a great accessory for football training but also a really fun and competitive game for family and friends. Easy to set up, compact and durable it’s a must-have game for any garden or park. You can even play it on the beach for your holibobs!

Open Goaaal! Football Goal Set

Oh man, I had to make sure I spelt that correctly… Open Goaaal! is perfect for those budding goalies and parents who don’t want to trek half a mile to retrieve the football after missing the goal completely. Keep shooting at full power, aiming for those tricky spots in the goal, and don't worry about chasing missed shots. The netting around the goal catches everything and keeps the ball from flying into the neighbor's yard. It's the perfect setup for kids who love football – no more running after the ball! This goal is top-notch, made from high-quality materials, and built to handle thousands of powerful shots without breaking a sweat.

Open Goaaal

So get hyped up for the Euros with SkateHut this summer. Don’t just watch it…play it! Don’t forget to check out our range of other garden games and outdoor toys at unbeatable prices. If you sign up to our newsletter, you’ll be the first to know about events, offers and deals hot off the press, before anyone else!