Top 10 Outdoor Toys For Kids and Adults 2021

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Top 10 Outdoor Toys For Kids and Adults 2021

Spring is well underway and Summer is just around the corner!

Now is the perfect time to enjoy the warmth and have fun, whilst keeping active in the outdoors. No matter what kind of activities you enjoy, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of outdoor toys which you are sure to love. Below, we have picked a variety of favourites to make sure you have an amazing Spring and Summer.

1. Hy-Pro 2 Person Badminton Set

Hy-pro 2 person badminton rackets and shuttlecock

Have a great time outside with the Hy-Pro 2 Person Badminton Set. A game or two of Badminton is sure to have you building up a sweat and is a fun way to improve your reaction time! Whether you are in the garden, park, or even down at the beach, have fun playing Badminton.

2. Heelys

Heelys POP Atlanta - Black/Pink/Atlanta

Regardless of the weather outside, a pair of Heelys will always keep you rolling smoothly. We stock a variety of Heelys for boys, girls and adults in a range of styles. If it’s a plain aesthetic you prefer, or a colourful mix and match, we’ve got the ideal design for you. A pair of Heelys can get you to where you need to be comfortably, whether you are in the park, walking to the shop around the corner or are just looking to get from A to B. No matter where you are going, you will get there in style.

3. Spikeball Rookie Set

Spikeball Rookie Set

Spikeball has been described as the perfect combination of volleyball and foursquare. It is a competitive game which the whole family can enjoy outdoors, at the beach, in your garden or at the park. You can even find nearby players to join in on the fun by using the free, easy-to-download Spikeball app which will connect you to nearby Spikeball players and help you to pick up games. Once you start playing, you won’t want to stop.

4. Pogo Sticks

Blue Elektra Pogo Stick

Here at SkateHut, we’ve got various pogo sticks in all sorts of styles, shapes and sizes to give you exactly what you’re looking for. Our range includes pogo sticks from top brands, such as Madd Gear Pro, Flybar and Qu-Ax. Check out the pogo sticks we have in stock and have a great time whilst mastering your balance.

5. Hy-Pro Rounders Set

Hy-Pro Rounders Set

Rounders is a game that can be enjoyed in almost any open space. Regardless of your interests, age or sporting preference, it's hard to say no to a game of rounders with your friends on a warm day outside. Improve your hand-eye coordination and have a blast alongside your friends today with the Hy-Pro Rounders Set.

6. Eolo Pop Up Stunt Kite Try

Eolo Yellow Kite

Soar high and make the most of the breeze with an Eolo Pop Up Stunt Kite Try! The Try is an entry-level stunt kite that is perfect for beginners who would like to perform stunts from the get-go. This kite is designed in such a way that tricks can be performed with ease and everything you need to get the Try up in the air comes included in the packaging. Give it a go and take your level of fun to new heights.

7. Hy-Pro Over The Door Basketball Hoop Set

Hy-Pro Over The Door Basketball Hoop Set

The Hy-Pro Over The Door Basketball Hoop Set is perfect for youngsters who love to play basketball. The set is easy to set up and can be hung on a door for indoor use or screwed into a wall outside. It’s the perfect way to brush up your basketball skills and shoot some hoops at home without worrying about using up too much space. The set has everything you need to get shooting, featuring a folding basketball hoop and backboard, along with a mini basketball and pump.

8. Hy-Pro Size 4 Football Gift Set

Hy-Pro Size 4 Football Gift Set

If you’re an aspiring young football player or just want to have a kick about with your friends, then you are bound to enjoy the Hy-Pro Size 4 Football Gift Set! The set comes with a size 4 football, water bottle and hand pump; an ideal gift for sporty youngsters who want to play a bit of footie with their family and friends.

9. Waboba Wingman Artist Series Frisbee

Waboba Wingman Artist Series Frisbee

Bring back the days of Ultimate Frisbee! Round up your mates and trek down to the nearest park for an intense Frisbee game. Or teach your little ones to play, while developing their hand-eye co-ordination. Get ours now and browse a range of frisbees from Aerobie, Waboba, Flite By Nite and more!

10. BERG Reppy Racer Ride On

BERG Reppy Racer Ride On Pedal Kart - Grey/Orange

The Reppy Racer is a zippy, new pedal kart ride-on for kids aged 3 to 6. It's designed for the little ones to have bags of fun feeling like they are in a real racecar with the soundbox steering wheel with 4 race tones installed. At 9Kg the kart is easy to carry and transport from your house to the nearest play area, and the frame handle provides additional support.

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