Top Hype Backpacks For School - 2021

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Top Hype Backpacks For School - 2021

10 Great Quality Hype Backpacks To Skate Back to School With!

We are happy to announce that we have had a huge influx of Hype backpacks come into stock in a variety of styles, perfect for going back to school! No matter what kind of design you are after, we’ve got a Hype backpack for everyone. You can shop our entire Hype backpack collection here.

Hype Animal Camo 18L Backpack - Multi

Hype Animal Camo Backpack

The Hype Animal Camo Backpack is one that is bright and colourful, lathered in Hype’s very own leopard print design. The backpack also comes with a pom pom which can be removed and re-hooked onto the bag. Not only does this backpack look great, but it's straps have the perfect amount of padding so that you can carry your belongings comfortably. With regards to space, the bag measures 42cm x 30cm x 12cm, just right for fitting your A4 notepads, stationary and any lunch too!

Hype Geo Granit 18L Backpack - Multi

Hype Geo Granit 18L Backpack

The Hype Geo Granit Backpack comes in Hype’s renowned design and shape, with a variety of bright colours against a white background. It’s an all-round backpack, ideal for school, going to the gym or even just getting from A to B with your belongings. The backpack measures 42cm x 30cm x 12cm with a decent amount of padding on the straps.

Hype Gradient Finger Paint 18L Backpack - Multi

Hype Gradient Finger Paint

This backpack comes in a dark but cool finger paint inspired design which is perfect for all seasons and all styles. The Hype Gradient Finger Paint Backpack also measures at 42cm x 30cm x 12cm, along with a front pocket and embossed zip pullers so that you can squeeze a little extra in on your travels.

Hype Leopard Camo 18L Backpack - Multi

Hype Leopard Camo backpack

This backpack has a very artsy look about it and one that will certainly not go unnoticed by those passing by. With a mixture of both dark and light colours in a leopard print design, the Hype Leopard Camo Backpack screams summer! It also measures at 42cm x 30cm x 12cm, perfect for carrying stationary, lunch and notebooks on your way to school, college or university.

Hype Moon Man 18L Backpack - Multi

Hype Moon Man 18L Backpack

The Hype Moon Man Backpack measures at 42cm x 30cm x 12cm with a design that is truly out of this world! The design consists of an astronaut, an ocean, clouds and the moon in the background. The bag also comes with padded straps for extra comfort when on the move.

Hype Static 18L Backpack - Multi

Hype Static 18L

The Static Backpack comes in a very dark, digital like print and design, achieving a simple but creative look! With a capacity of 18 litres and an external front zip too, this backpack is great for packing your lunch, stationary, notepads and PE kit when travelling to and from school.

Hype Digital Redline 18L Backpack - Multi

Hype Digital Redline 18L

The design of the Hype Digital Redline Backpack is gaming inspired, for all of the gamers out there who are keen to rock a digital like, dark print backpack. Not only does it look slick, but it too measures to 42cm x 30cm x 12cm so that you can comfortably carry everything you need when going to school.

Hype Marker Pen 18L Backpack - Multi

Hype Marker Pen 18L

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, then the Hype Marker Pen Backpack is just what you need. The hint is in the name; this backpack boasts a graffiti style mesh design against a white background which will never go unnoticed when you are moving from A to B.

Hype Pastel Holo Camo 18L Backpack - Multi

Hype Pastel Holo Camo 18L

The Hype Pastel Holo Camo Backpack is one which you just can’t help but look twice at. The light camo colours against the dark HYPE crest badge makes this design one to be reckoned with. Whether you are off to the gym, going to school or travelling away, this bag has plenty of space for you to pack what you need whilst still looking chic.

Hype Skyline 18L Backpack - Multi

Hype Skyline 18L

If you are a lover of busy cities and especially the city life, then you are bound to love the Hype Skyline Backpack. This design incorporates a busy city on a dark day with lightning dashing through the dark sky. Carry the city vibe with you wherever you go today with the Hype Skyline.

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